• Quartz stone - special gift from mother nature.

    13-03-2020 // 578 view(s)

    Quartz Stone, also known as Thuy Ngoc, is one of the miraculous natural rocks, deep in the ground that has undergone millions of years of formation. Due to the special geological structure, Quartz stone attracts strong positive energy so it hides a strong energy source, brings good luck in work, against evil.

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  • Gold stone set - 100% natural stone set

    12-03-2020 // 985 view(s)

    Gilded Stone is considered to be a protector, drawing good energy from the Stone through the physical body and creating a defensive shield against negative energy, environmental pollutants. school.

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  • Use quartz stone toilets

    11-03-2020 // 2,647 view(s)

    Crushed quartz is considered one of the "lucky" stones to help dispel bad omens in homes or offices. Especially the area near the toilet, under the stairs will affect the air of your family. So how to use quartz properly?

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  • Feng shui five-color stone - where to buy five-color stone?

    10-03-2020 // 837 view(s)

    Five-colored debris is a type of quartz debris that is being used by many people. Due to the prevalence of iridescent rubble, there are many shops that supply unqualified stone, these products will have no energy at all. So, where to buy multicolored crushed stone? Please read the article below.

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  • Ways to energize a quartz stone house

    09-03-2020 // 1,048 view(s)

    Currently, due to many industrial zones, soil pollution is inevitable. Because of the crowded land, it is difficult to choose a good land. But if you buy a bad feng shui land, what to do. With this article, Nha San Tay Nguyen will help you with some ways to improve feng shui for the house.

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  • Five-colored stones and their uses.

    04-03-2020 // 1,233 view(s)

    Five-color stone is a product that is being used by a lot of people, not only about the beauty of the stone but it also has many special meanings because the five-color stone symbolizes the five elements of Tuong Sinh Kim-Moc-Thuy- Fire-Earth. Used heavily in spreading floors, graves, .. to improve soil geology, feng shui.

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