Pearl shells and ears of the statue of Dai Du treasure

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Monolithic fossil shells were sculpted by the sculptor of the statue of Ngoc Di Lac in the Light of the Sit of a Pinecone Tree. Rare, exclusive and beautiful products - rare and unique natural masterpieces

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Pearl shell fossil statue ears 100% natural Ocean treasures
- Weight: 13kg (whole shell, including the base 16kg)
- Size: Height 50cm (including sole 10cm) x Thickness 26cm x 18cm
- Natural Lu wooden gnashing (not assembled)
- The back of the shell is rudimentary
Fossil shell pearls shell
Fossil shell pearls shell
Natural fossil pearl shells
Natural fossil pearl shells
- Fossil Shells are rare and precious natural resources with limited quantities. Experiencing the transformation process for thousands of years in the ocean, affected by the surrounding environment but still retaining the outer sediment. After the cleaning process, the inner shell exposes the white fossilized nacre of pearls alternating with yellow and red veins of stripe and shows the transparency and shine. Sculptural products made from shells of Trai Tai Tuong are 100% natural fossils.
Pearl Shells Ear Icon Natural Fossil Treasures Of The Ocean
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