12-sided Quartz Ball

The 12-sided Quartz Ball has a special shape, which is why it is being sought by many owners.

12-sided Quartz Ball

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► Stone ball with 12 sides feng shui Fortune fortune - Luck - Peace:
+ Material: 100% Vietnamese natural quartz stone
+ Color: Pink, white, yellow
+ Size: 2.0 cm
+ Weight: 200gr
+ Quantity: 1 sphere
12-sided quartz stone bridge
12-sided quartz stone bridge
Quartz Ball 12 Sides:
♦ Appearance:
- 12 faces.
- 1 face is an equilateral pentagon with the length of 5 equal sides.
♦ Symbolizes for:
- 12 months of 1 year
- 12 hours in half a day
- 12 animals
The 12 Faceted Quartz Ball is used to:
Quartz Stone 12 Faces Feng Shui
Quartz Stone 12 Faces Feng Shui
♦ Increase concentration:
Help maintain concentration while meditating.
- Create a sense of relaxation when working, focusing on higher expertise.
- Absorb good knowledge, more calm before all situations, handling the right 1.
Effect Of 12-sided Quartz Ball
Effect Of 12-sided Quartz Ball
♦ Feng shui:
- The 12-sided Quartz Ball is used to transform a part of life into a better state.
- Find a new way, a new way of thinking in any one job.
- Create positive energy, Eliminate evil rays - Help the family to be peaceful.
- Strengthen intellectual development.
- Attracting good energy - bringing luck in life.
Ornaments 12 Feng Shui
Ornaments 12 Feng Shui
The 12-sided Quartz Ball is used to block papers, the number of books is very suitable for the CEO, those who work in paperwork.
There are also some 12-sided Quartz Ball products with smaller sizes that we can make bracelets or can put into glass jars, ...
The 12-sided Ball Made Bracelets
The 12-sided Ball Made Bracelets
Stone 12 Faces
Stone 12 Faces
Receive goods within 6 hours.
Be exchanged for 15 days.
Address warehouse17 DT 743B Street, Dong Tan Quarter, Di An Ward, Di An City, Binh Duong.


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