Feng Shui Marble Stone

Five colors stone, a name quite familiar to those who know about feng shui stones. Marble Stone is also known as five color quartz stone or Feng Shui Marble. This is an eye-catching colored stone made up of a mixture of five precious quartz types with five colors corresponding to the five elements. They are one of the rocks that bring prosperity and good fortune to humans, because they are absorbed in the essence of the earth.

Feng Shui Marble Stone

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Feng Shui Five Colors:
+ Material: Vietnam Natural Stone
+ Price: 100K/500gr. 
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♦ People often use Colored Quartz Stone to spread the floor, the grave ground, put in the house or in the office. In addition, they are also selected as jewelry, fashion accessories, bracelets, necklaces. The greatest effect of this stone is to repel bad things, bring strength, luck to the homeowner or fortune, prosperity for the works, the land of feng shui.
Stone Set Of Decorative Table
Stone Set Of Decorative Table
♦ Quartz stone scattered under the tomb has the effect of rotating the cymbals according to the ranks. Since then, it brings blessings to descendants, the lineage is prosperous and prosperous.
♦ In addition, people also put five-color stones in the jar placed on the desk, living room to attract talents, while creating a comfortable and beautiful space for your room.
Natural Feng Shui Marble Stone

Natural Feng Shui Marble Stone

The effect of five-color stones when spreading the floor:
♦ Quartz stones are absorbed with great energy from the universe, so they have the ability to suppress and dispel evil gas in the land.
♦ Five-color stones spread the floor of the house and office to bring prosperity, prosperity, peace and luck. Five-color stone is also capable of reducing electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices, reducing magnetic fields, reducing bad earth rays, ...
♦ In Feng Shui Trach has the effect of circulating air according to the five elements, thereby gathering prosperity to the grave, bringing prosperity, prosperity, prosperity, and giving radiant credit to the descendants of the lineages and clans.
Buy Colorful Quartz Stone
Buy Colorful Quartz Stone
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