Feng Shui Quartz Stone Buffalo Statue

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“The buffalo is the head of an inheritance” from our ancestors who likened the buffalo in the 12 animals to an asset of every Vietnamese family. Because, natural quartz stone buffalo in feng shui symbolizes hard work, tolerance, honesty, honesty, health, patience, persistence to create fortune and blessings for the owner.

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Join Nha San Tay Nguyen to learn more about 100% monolithic natural rose quartz buffalo statue.
>What is the rose quartz stone buffalo statue?
>Meaning of the Quartz Stone Buffalo Statue in feng shui
>Effects of the feng shui Quartz Stone Buffalo Statue.
>How to choose the Buffalo Statue for good feng shui homeowners.
>Place the Buffalo Statue in any position that is suitable for feng shui
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Feng Shui Quartz Stone Buffalo Statue

What is a rose quartz stone buffalo statue?
The Buffalo statue in the 12 animals is called the Ox. The stone buffalo statue is made of 100% monolithic natural quartz stone by the artisans of Nha San Tay Nguyen.
Origin: Central Highlands of Vietnam
Material: 100% Vietnamese quartz stone
Dimensions: Height 25cm x length 40cm x width 16cm
- Vietnamese rose quartz stone buffalo statue was formed for hundreds of millions of years, so it crystallizes the spirit of heaven and earth, creating a huge flow of positive energy that has the effect of eliminating evil spirits. In feng shui, the buffalo in the 12 animals symbolizes fullness, strength and health. Today, experts, feng shui masters, entrepreneurs, the rich, and the real estate world use mascots to attract fortune and support health, so the Quartz Buffalo Mascot is sought after and ordered. Help the business run smoothly, promote good luck, smooth work, good health.
- Westerners think that the Buffalo symbolizes strength, while in Eastern culture, the buffalo in the 12 zodiac animals is associated with the image, industriousness, hard work, tolerance, and hard work.
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Meaning of Buffalo Stone Statue Feng Shui Rose Quartz

The meaning of the Quartz Stone Buffalo Statue in feng shui.
- Natural rose quartz stone buffalo has a very strong Yang energy, since ancient times the image of the buffalo is very close and friendly to the people of Vietnam. The rose quartz stone buffalo has a special meaning, the image of buffaloes is associated with endurance, strong gentleness and is a symbol of peace and fullness. The 12 buffaloes are called Ox, in the Bagua diagram of the Khon master of the land, prosperity.
The buffalo is carved by artisan Nha San with a natural rose quartz stone, with four strong legs representing the image of a house column, able to withstand the storms that are emitted from the depths of the buffalo statue in this world. Chien is ready to wait to face things that may happen, ready to overcome all difficulties and hardships towards success.
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Effect of Quartz Stone Buffalo Statue

Anchor Point Effects of feng shui Quartz Stone Buffalo Statue.
- Feng shui buffalo is considered a treasure in the house, there is a saying: "buffalo is the head of fortune." Rose quartz stone buffalo statue helps to exorcise evil spirits, create Yang energy, place buffalo in the house to increase sand and qi, and drive away. small people, "great sand - great benefits and all things like".
- In feng shui, the buffalo helps the owner to bring wealth to the job, which is very suitable for those who do many big things at the same time. People who work in investment, real estate, finance, banking, etc. consider the buffalo mascot as a treasure that brings luck and fortune to the owner.
Buffalo is an animal that creates wealth in the house, so the image of a feng shui buffalo is a mascot with strong Yang energy that has the effect of improving feng shui, vitality. Placing the buffalo in the house symbolizes abundance, abundance, and growing wealth.
- Today, experts, feng shui masters of the rich, feng shui fanatics use quartz stone buffalo to attract fortune, to protect, to exorcise evil spirits, to increase blessings and to circulate fortune.
- The image of a buffalo in the family shows fullness, honesty, kindness, hard work, and suffering, which has the effect of creating good fortune and fortune for the owner, so to choose a natural rose quartz stone buffalo. High quality needs to be carefully considered so that when buying buffalo, everyone in the family will have a lot of luck, good luck and prosperity will also increase.
+ Natural rose quartz stone buffalo is suitable for people with Kim - Fire - Manh Tho destiny, buffalo if activated properly will help work smoothly, activate positive energy for the homeowner.
+ The feng shui buffalo statue is extremely suitable for people in the age of Buffalo-Ox, the year of the Snake, the year of the Rooster, the age of the Pig. The feng shui quartz stone buffalo statue will help them increase their ability to concentrate, control their anger, and bring peace. static to handle work situations well.

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How to choose the Buffalo Statue for good feng shui homeowners:
- Material: 100% natural rose quartz stone carved the buffalo statue according to the shape requested by the owner.
- The feng shui buffalo spirit is very important, so the process of making the buffalo must be very powerful, the spirit in the fighting position will give off aura, the process of sculpting the head of the buffalo statue, the feng shui buffalo face must be harmonious. be kind, gentle, patient, honest, tolerant, sister
+ Should you choose a buffalo with its head down or its face up? The feng shui buffalo raising its head shows a stable state of mind, does not like to compete, loses more, but shows the will to strive for the throne by its own ability. The buffalo has a slightly stooped figure (bowing its head) symbolizing stability, an expression of patience, humility, and gentleness that has the effect of increasing blessings, creating many opportunities to expand relationships for the procession. luck comes.
- Each homeowner only needs to decorate a feng shui buffalo statue with natural rose quartz stone, the spirit is strong enough. Because, in each natural rose quartz stone buffalo statue, the word "Tinh" has been fully gathered in feng shui.
- A strong and brave buffalo statue will help the owner overcome obstacles on the career path to help everything go smoothly, in good and bad weather. The image of the buffalo gives us more will to fight, confidence, determination, and a clear goal plan.
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Quartz Stone Buffalo 12 animals

Place the Buffalo Statue in any position that is suitable for feng shui:
- The feng shui buffalo statue according to the five elements of buffalo belongs to the Tho element, so it is necessary to place the buffalo in the northeast-north direction so that the buffalo statue can promote the full power of the buffalo statue. According to the concept of feng shui believers, the years of the Snake, the Rooster, and the Ox are the three unions, so the owner can place the buffalo in the direction of the Rooster, the direction of the Snake.
- Currently, many people often place buffalo statues in the workplace to help their career be successful, mentally sharp, and steadfast. But the owner should also pay attention to a few points after arranging the buffalo in the office, it is necessary to use the feng shui buffalo properly.
- In the office, the buffalo should be placed in the northwest to open up, the owner”s fortune will be favorable. Do not place the buffalo statue standing, the buffalo horns turned towards you because the buffalo horns kill the owner easily causing market discord, competitive fighting, affecting the career advancement path.
+ Homeowners should not choose a buffalo statue with a weird shape, it will make good feng shui become bad and unexpected things happen.
 + Putting a buffalo statue in a desk drawer will be very profitable for owners who are in the start-up stage or are in a difficult period of their career. Therefore, the owner should put the buffalo statue in the drawer that you often use, it will help the available fortune to be more prosperous, to stimulate fortune, to invite fortune.

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