Quartz Stone T162

Quartz stone is feng shui products are used and most popular today. Quartz Rock Pillar carries a strong positive current and was formed millions of years ago. Quartz Stone Pillar is very suitable for office workers, desk is also an extremely unique and eye-catching gift.

Quartz Stone T162

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  • Original Price:1,900,009 vnđ
  • Sale Price:1,600,000 vnđ
Quartz Stone T162 Feng Shui:
- Size:
+ Height: 17.5 cm
+ Width: 9 cm
+ Thickness: 5 cm
+ Weight: 2.3 kg
+ Origin: Central Highlands of Vietnam
+ Material: Natural Quartz Stone
Uses of Quartz Stone:
- Eliminate electromagnetic waves emitted from televisions, computers, microwaves, ...
- Safe family, convenient transportation.
- Improving feng shui and gas resources.
- Tran clearing exorcism - prosperity and distribution.
- Strengthen intellectual development and stabilize the mental state.
- The house is not headed.
- Deodorant.
- Neutralize the shadow phenomenon.
- Increased predestination at the place of sale.
- Bridge of talent.
- Improve sentiments - tighten predestined relationships.
You can exchange goods within 7 days with the same product but you pay the shipping cost.
Quartz Stone Pillar T162
Quartz Stone Pillar T162
Quartz Stone Head T162.1
Quartz Stone Head T162.1
Receive goods within 6 hours.
Be exchanged for 15 days.
Address warehouse17 DT 743B Street, Dong Tan Quarter, Di An Ward, Di An City, Binh Duong.


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