Rough Quartz

Nha San Tay Nguyen Specializes in supplying raw crumbling quartz stone, polished quartz stone, and monolithic quartz stone used in the town.

  • Secretly scattering rocky English stone with salt

    12-11-2020 // 1,483 view(s)

    Some homeowners asked: Why is the counselor using coarse quartz rock mixed with Salt Seeds to spread the floor of the town. Asked him forever but he did not explain.

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  • How to distinguish true or true five-color stones of 7 colors?

    01-07-2020 // 1,210 view(s)

    Many of you have wondered how to tell if a real five-color stone or a 7-color stone is like that. Today I represent the floor, please let me know how to tell the difference between fake 7-color stones? According to the experience of the brothers on stilts.

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  • Stone Houses In Town

    11-04-2019 // 14,496 view(s)

    Placing a house is very important, clearing the house with STONE QUARTZ can dispel bad air, negative energy sources away from your home. Helping you stay in that home with good health.

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  • Shorn Quartz Stone Used In Construction

    19-02-2020 // 2,557 view(s)

    Nha San Tay Nguyen store distributes quartz foundation, foundations, spreading foundations, townships ... when building a new house. Rough white quartz stones, light pink, are used in many construction. Because it is a raw quartz stone, it accumulates positive positive energy for "Long veil - residential land".

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  • Interesting Things When Using Quartz Stone To Pull Gas Or Increase Life

    12-04-2019 // 2,183 view(s)

    The use of Quartz Stone as feng shui items is a very familiar thing for all families. But to use stones properly and make rocks emit good energy sources is very little known and very important for those who use Quartz Stone.

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  • Methods of energy washing for rocks

    12-04-2019 // 2,614 view(s)

    Feng Shui stone is not only beautiful from the outside but it also has a deep meaning inside, so cleaning the energy of the stone is a very important thing.

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  • How to spread crushed quartz

    21-07-2017 // 5,998 view(s)

    Today, TAY NGUYEN HOUSE will guide you how to spread crushed quartz stone or how to fix it with broken quartz stone as follows:

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