Methods of energy washing for rocks

Feng Shui stone is not only beautiful from the outside but it also has a deep meaning inside, so cleaning the energy of the stone is a very important thing.

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Energy cleansing methods for stone

Energy cleansing methods for stone

- Before buying a feng shui stone home or you are given a certain feng shui stone, the first thing you need to counter is to clean up the energy for the stone.

► So how to clean energy for stone?
Here, Nha San will guide you some methods to clean energy for stones:
1. Remove Energy With Sea Salt: (there are 2 ways to bleach)
a) Put the stone into a container containing dry sea salt, then bury it within 24 hours.
b) Soak ice cubes in sea salt water for about 3 hours, then rinse with water and wipe dry.
Feng Shui Quartz Stone Head
Feng Shui Quartz Stone Head
(Note: Only use this method for quartz stones or similar hardness rocks. Stones with a hardness of less than 3.0 should not use this method of cleaning, as this will cause broken stone. )
2. Sound Energy Removal:
- The vibrations of pure sound can erase the energy of a stone through sound waves. A bell, gong or tuning fork can be used for this purpose.
Cleansing Energy For White Quartz
Cleansing Energy For White Quartz
3. Remove Energy With Water And Sun:
- Soak the stone in water for about 1 hour, then bring it to the sun for about 2 hours.
4. Get rid of energy with aroma or incense sticks:
- Holding a stone over smoke of incense or incense. If the stone is too heavy, put the stone on the ground and smoke around the stone. Doing so for about 30 minutes will purify the bad energies of the crystal.
Energy Of Quartz Stone
5. Bleaching By Man Power: (there are 2 ways of bleaching)
a) Use your hands to place the stone about 3 cm away. Spreading a stream of energy through your hands and visualizing yourself wiping the stone through your hands. Each floor cleaning the stone back and forth we need to discharge that bad energy away and then continue. Remove about 30 times is okay.
b) Take a deep breath and blow into the stone, visualizing while blowing you are cleaning up the negatives of the rock. Do it a few dozen times then use your hands to follow the method (a).
6. Erasing With Thoughts:
- Hand Need to turn around clockwise with the idea: "Is discharging the bad energy of the stone out". Then back to the notion: "Charging good energy into the rock".
How To Recharge Feng Shui Stone
How To Recharge Feng Shui Stone
1 / Buying ice to take home, need to immediately clean stone energy for clean. Because the bad information energies in the stone will continue to emit and accidentally we direct all those bad energies.
2 / If someone lends your stone to him, he must immediately wash it with energy immediately according to one of the above methods.
Cleanse Energy Quartz Stone Ball
Cleanse Energy Quartz Stone Ball
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