Secretly scattering rocky English stone with salt

Some homeowners asked: Why is the counselor using coarse quartz rock mixed with Salt Seeds to spread the floor of the town. Asked him forever but he did not explain.

Post date: 12-11-2020

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- Some homeowners asked: Why is the consultant using crumbling quartz stone mixed with Salt Seeds to scatter the town floor.
- Asked him forever, but he did not explain.
- The owner took Nha San”s stones and asked the Nha San brothers.
- Today, I would like to represent the Nha San brothers. Explanation: Secretly sprinkling THACH ANH CRAFT STONE with Salt Seeds scattering the house according to the logic of Science.
- The customer asked is a rich man who makes a lot of money on wooden stilts.
- Feng shui master came to survey and release the land lacking vitality ....
- Should spread quartz stone mixed with salt granules.
- There are many streams of water underground, there are many bad magnetic waves affecting the people living in the house.
- Because quartz rock has piezoelectric charge means: it can convert mechanical energy into electricity, the impact waves on the quartz rock layer, absorb the quartz stone and convert it into the scattered electricity discharged into the ground.
- When we mix salt with stone for 2 purposes:
- First: Salt speeds up the transfer of electricity to the rock to the ground, which means increases its effect on quartz rock.
- Second: because the above is a wooden house, there will be termites in the future. According to folk experience, tools using salt spread evenly in the background will prevent termites.
- For reinforced concrete buildings, it is recommended not to use, or use where necessary, because corrosion of steel and concrete.
- This is the explanation of the Nha San brothers, if you have other ideas, please give your opinion.
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- Please overflow and see you again
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