feng shui five-color stone bottle Add to cart Giảm 60.000VND

300.000VND 360.000VND -16%

Five-color Vase Quartz is gemstones with colors corresponding to the Ngu Cung. This type of quartz has the highest energy used by many people. Because the Five-Colored Stones are quite small, they are often placed in jars and jars to facilitate display. At Nha San Tay Nguyen, there are jars of 5-color stone with 5-color polish for customers who love this stone.
Monolithic white quartz stone Add to cart Giảm 250.000VND

50.000VND 300.000VND -83%

In feng shui, white quartz stone is used to support the house, the land is very good because inside they exist extremely large energy bands.
Crumbled quartz stone 4x6cm rough pink Add to cart Giảm 40.000VND

40.000VND 80.000VND -50%

In the building field quartz is used as a gas used to calm feng-shui, quartz is a special rock that can produce an energy field containing positive electrons. Pink quartzite is a high-energy stone that is often used a lot in burying foundations, making miniatures or making jewelry, ...
Rose quartz block Add to cart Giảm 400.000VND

100.000VND 500.000VND -80%

Pink quartz stone blocks are used by experts in feng shui to use in construction such as: Tran Trach, buried foundations, scattered foundations, natural miniatures, statues, jewelry, ... because steamed pink quartz consume strong energies to help people fight stress, quell anger and be a protective stone of love. Close affection between family members, tighten predestined relationships, improve couple affection.
Crushed quartz stone size 1x2 cm Add to cart Giảm 12.000VND

18.000VND 30.000VND -40%

Quartz rock is the highest energy feng shui stone among feng shui stones, since it is formed for a long time, so they are absorbed with energy sources from heaven and earth, these energy sources bring many benefits. feng-shui benefits, so feng-shui masters often recommend using crushed quartz stone to spread the floor for houses with poor energy sources, ...
NATURAL MARBLE STONE Pillar CT05 feng shui Add to cart Giảm 1.500.000VND

10.500.000VND 12.000.000VND -12%

Natural marble is a stone that has been used a lot since ancient times with feng shui meanings. This is an extremely rare rock that can be made up of Pyroxenic structures. Marble is a symbol of love, virtue and power. You can see natural stone is represented in many places as a priority, but few people fully understand its meaning. Today, Nha San will help you understand more deeply about the effects and meanings in feng shui of this stone.
Feng Shui Quartz Stone Buffalo Statue Add to cart Giảm 4.000.000VND

25.000.000VND 29.000.000VND -13%

“The buffalo is the head of an inheritance” from our ancestors who likened the buffalo in the 12 animals to an asset of every Vietnamese family. Because, natural quartz stone buffalo in feng shui symbolizes hard work, tolerance, honesty, honesty, health, patience, persistence to create fortune and blessings for the owner.
Maitreya Buddha Monolithic Rose Quartz Stone Weight 63Kg Add to cart Giảm 7.000.000VND

65.000.000VND 72.000.000VND -9%

The Maitreya Buddha is a symbol of peace, joy, happiness and luck. Maitreya Buddha is used in feng shui as pendants, statues placed in the living room, on the car .. with the purpose that the Buddha will bless, sustain and bring many good things to the homeowner to make life happy. looks, has many advantages in work and life as well as creating harmony in the family.
Maitreya Buddha Statue Monolithic Rose Quartz Weight 53kg Add to cart Giảm 14.050.000VND

78.900.000VND 92.950.000VND -15%

The Maitreya Buddha is a symbol of peace, joy, happiness and luck. Maitreya Buddha is used in feng shui as pendants, statues placed in the living room, on the car .. for the purpose that the Buddha will bless and maintain bringing many good things to the homeowner to make life happy. looks, has many advantages in work and life as well as creating harmony in the family.
Stone Feng Shui Canxedon Head CXD75 Add to cart Giảm 40.000.000VND

119.000.000VND 159.000.000VND -25%

Canxedon is the name of a natural stone with main components are quartz and moganite sand. They are linked together to form a single crystal structure that is translucent and waxy. They are found in cavities of various rocks and the most common is volcanic lava. This is a precipitate of SiO2 rich solution and Opal”s dehydration process.
12-sided Quartz Stone Add to cart Giảm 200.000VND

500.000VND 700.000VND -28%

Quartz Stone 12 Faces is a quite special shape and striking compared to other quartz stone shapes. 12-sided Quartz Stone also has other names such as: 12-sided quartz stone sphere, 12-sided quartz stone, 12-sided quartz stone sphere, ...
Activated carbon Add to cart Giảm 5.000VND

35.000VND 40.000VND -12%

Activated carbon is activated carbon at a high temperature of 800-1000oC in the absence of oxygen, has a porous hollow structure, large contact area, has the effect of absorbing dirt and chemicals. In feng shui activated carbon is often used to line foundations, spread septic tanks, septic tanks, ..
SHAKE TOUCH Add to cart Giảm 150.000VND

350.000VND 500.000VND -30%

Dowsing pendulum is used to measure body energy, soil or answer questions that humans cannot answer. For Radiologists and Feng Shui practitioners, Pendulum is an indispensable tool.
Gilded Stone Add to cart Giảm 200.000VND

250.000VND 450.000VND -44%

Nha San is the place to supply Vang Gac stone originating from the Central Highlands. Vang Găm is a kind of stone with feng shui energy and higher hardness than other types of Feng Shui. Nowadays, Vang Găm is consulted by Feng Shui experts for homeowners to bury their foundations, spread floors to make trenches, exorcisms, and handle bad rays. Placing the altar of his land, he will attract fortune and bring good fortune to the land.
Quartz Add to cart Giảm 5.000VND

15.000VND 20.000VND -25%

White Quartz is one of the most popular stones today. White Quartz Stone is used for the purpose of chasing away gas, bringing good energy to humans and White Quartz Stone has the ability to treat a number of diseases.
Small crushed quartz stone size 0.3x0.5cm Add to cart Giảm 12.000VND

18.000VND 30.000VND -40%

Due to its small size, this small crushed quartz stone product is often used quite a lot. Often used to spread feng shui town floors, spread bonsai pots, ornamental aquariums, and help stimulate positive energy for the house.
Wood Verse with Commands Add to cart Giảm 150.000VND

150.000VND 300.000VND -50%

Chemistry is considered as Stone Chemistry because it has a rock hardness and is equivalent to the Caxedon gemstone and Brain Code.

900.000VND 1.200.000VND -25%

The formation of black hair Quartz is due to the Black Tourmaline substance, which creates a mysterious black and is like a stone of the universe. As a stone of spirituality, power brings many preeminent features to health with positive energy source for users.
Pearl shells and ears of the statue of Dai Du treasure Add to cart Giảm 2.000.000VND

18.000.000VND 20.000.000VND -10%

Monolithic fossil shells were sculpted by the sculptor of the statue of Ngoc Di Lac in the Light of the Sit of a Pinecone Tree. Rare, exclusive and beautiful products - rare and unique natural masterpieces
Crushed quartz stone size 4x6cm white Add to cart Giảm 8.000VND

15.000VND 23.000VND -34%

In the building field, quartz is used as a gas used to calm feng-shui, quartz is a special rock whose molecular structure is arranged according to a special law to form crystals. can produce an energy field containing positive electrons.
STONE IDENTITY Add to cart Giảm 100.000VND

200.000VND 300.000VND -33%

Marble is a product that is being used by a lot of people, not only about the beauty of the stone but also it has many meanings and uses in life.
Feng Shui Red Hair Bracelets Add to cart Giảm 200.000VND

900.000VND 1.100.000VND -18%

Red-haired quartz bracelets are a type of stone ring that make many people fascinated by its beauty. This type of quartz stone brings many positive things that a new owner can feel, so many people are curious and want to try.
Feng Shui Marble Stone Add to cart Giảm 50.000VND

200.000VND 250.000VND -20%

Five colors stone, a name quite familiar to those who know about feng shui stones. Marble Stone is also known as five color quartz stone or Feng Shui Marble. This is an eye-catching colored stone made up of a mixture of five precious quartz types with five colors corresponding to the five elements. They are one of the rocks that bring prosperity and good fortune to humans, because they are absorbed in the essence of the earth.