• Statue of Guanyin Buddha in Rose Quartz Stone

    19-01-2022 // 29 view(s)

    From ancient times to the present, the image of Ba Quan m Buddha existing in everyone”s mind is considered to be the embodiment of auspicious omens, compassion, Buddha direction, weapon transformation, elimination of dangers, and peace. for the homeowner. That”s why, with all their sincerity, the brothers of Nha San completed the work "Faces of the Buddha and Goddess of Mercy in the Rose Quartz Stone".

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  • 4 quick ways to judge quality rose quartz

    18-01-2022 // 35 view(s)

    Rose Quartz is one of the most loved quartz stones in the feng shui world. Possessing a delicate pink color, gently infatuated with people, but rose quartz is considered a symbol of couple happiness. If you are still confused about this feng shui stone, Tay Nguyen Stilt House will share with you 4 quick ways to evaluate quality rose quartz.

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  • The truth behind placing feng shui quartz stone on the altar

    18-01-2022 // 45 view(s)

    In Vietnamese culture, the altar is a sacred and important place of worship for each family. In order to increase luck and fortune, many homeowners wonder if "feng shui quartz stone should be placed on the altar or not?". To find out the answer, let”s join Tay Nguyen Stilt House to discover the truth behind placing feng shui quartz stone on the altar right away.

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  • Quartz stone is self-luminous or not? Discover the magic inside the rock

    15-01-2022 // 47 view(s)

    Quartz stone is a stone that is known by many people because of the great uses it brings. Bringing a sparkling and attractive beauty, many people wonder that "can quartz stone glow by itself?". To answer this question, let”s explore the magic inside the stone with Nha stilts in the Central Highlands.

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  • Warning: What you must know about crushed quartz stone

    14-01-2022 // 48 view(s)

    Crushed quartz stone is a method that is not too strange for many people who are interested in feng shui. Not only helps to eliminate bad energy, but also helps to increase the prosperity of the grave. But not everyone knows how to spread. In the article below, House on stilts in the Central Highlands will show what you must know about crushed quartz stone.

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  • The most popular types of quartz stone today

    13-01-2022 // 51 view(s)

    Quartz is one of nature”s miraculous gifts. Existing for decades, quartz has attracted countless energies of the universe and emits an extremely strong positive energy field that brings luck in life. In order to have a deeper understanding of quartz, below are the most popular types of quartz today.

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  • How to disinfect a toilet with crushed quartz stone

    11-01-2022 // 89 view(s)

    Crushed quartz is one of the feng shui stones with an extremely powerful energy source that is often used to bury the floor, check feng shui and help decontaminate areas with low energy levels such as under the stairs. or toilet. If you are interested in the problem of cleaning toilets with crushed quartz, please refer to the article below.

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