Quartz stone is a semi-precious stone that is widely applied in feng shui and in science. Invite you and the brothers of Nha San Tay Nguyen to discover the feng shui effects of quartz stone, the use of quartz stone in town.

  • What age is white quartz suitable for?

    04-04-2022 // 329 view(s)

    What age is white quartz suitable for is always a question of many feng shui stone enthusiasts. Because the most basic rule when using feng shui stones is to choose the stone that suits the destiny sign. So what age is appropriate to use white quartz stone, all will be fully shared in the article below.

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  • Little-Known Secrets of the Seven Stars Battle of the White Quartz Stone

    02-03-2022 // 358 view(s)

    Seven Stars Array White Quartz Stone - Is a feng shui weapon used to enhance yang energy. Whether it is really as magical as rumored, let”s join the Tay Nguyen Stilt House to discover the little-known secret about this seven-star battle of white quartzite.

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  • What does fake quartz look like? Harm when using

    24-02-2022 // 434 view(s)

    In today”s market, when grasping the customer”s mentality "prefers cheap goods, the product must be beautiful", many shops have defied counterfeiting and imitation of feng shui stone products with all kinds of prices. Different prices make buyers extremely confused. So what does fake quartz look like? Harm when using will be clarified in the following article.

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  • Should Crushed Quartz Stones Be Buried Under The Floor

    24-02-2022 // 495 view(s)

    Nha San Tay Nguyen hello friends, many people ask Nha San brothers: "Should I bury quartz stone on the floor?" If you are planning to build a house or are in the process of building a house, do not miss this video.

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  • What is quartz stone? Is quartz stone fragile?

    23-02-2022 // 477 view(s)

    What is quartz stone? Is quartz stone fragile? Is one of the questions many people have asked with the desire to feel more secure in the process of using stone. Follow along in the article below to get the most accurate answer.

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  • What is calcite? Meaning of calcite

    22-02-2022 // 328 view(s)

    Calcide is one of those semi-precious stones with an extremely interesting dispersion effect but very few people know about it. So what is calcite? And what it means in feng shui life, let”s find out with the House on stilts in the Central Highlands right in the article below.

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  • Reveal the uses of calcitedon stone that you do not know

    21-02-2022 // 304 view(s)

    In feng shui, calcitedon is considered a joy stone because it gives the owner a feeling of peace, dispelling sorrow. With a unique pattern, calcitedon is classified as a semi-precious stone. In the article below, the Central Highlands stilt house will reveal the uses of calcitedon stone that you do not know.

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