The effect of quartz stone in feng shui and life

Among thousands of different types of stones in nature, perhaps quartz is one of the most well-known stones. Unlike other natural stones, quartz stones contain strong energy, so they are applied in science, life and feng shui jewelry. If you want to know the magic of this stone, let”s learn the effects of quartz stone right below.
Basic information about quartz stone
Structure of quartz stone
Quartz stone (Quartz) is a crystalline mineral classified as a semi-precious stone with a hardness of 7 Mohs, formed from the Silica group with the chemical formula SiO2. People found quartz stone about 300,000 years ago, with a long age, so they have the ability to activate and transfer energy as well as have a positive impact on the functioning of organs in the body. body.
Origin of quartz stone
Quartz stone is largely contained in granite, which is a small amount in metamorphic rock along with a small amount in sedimentary rock. Besides, the highest quartz content is found in sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Quartz in sand and sedimentary rocks is concentrated from erosion and weathering of other rocks, eventually granite. The process of forming granite and other related rocks results in an abundance of quartzite.
The effect of quartz stone in feng shui and life
1. The effect of white quartz stone (Clear Quartz)
- According to the lamas, white quartz crystal is a symbol of an abundant life, because the 6 faces of quartz represent the 6 chakras that the owner towards the supreme chakra - chakra. seventh, the chakra points to the universe.
- White quartz stone also converges a pure energy source that has a positive impact on human intelligence by enlightening the mind, restraining and preventing bad energies, rising in people. At the same time, it also helps to prevent and support the treatment of diseases related to memory loss.
In addition, white quartz stone also helps to ward off evil spirits and ward off evil spirits. The purity in the stone also has the ability to purify negative energy around and bring luck to the client.
2. The effect of rose quartz (Rose quartz)
- Rose quartz has the ability to emit positive energy for love and marriage. Helps maintain family happiness and bonds for stronger relationships.
In ancient Egypt, they believed that rose quartz had the ability to restore skin, remove wrinkles, and help owners have clear, soft skin.
- Rose quartz also supports women in childbirth such as increasing fertility, the energy of the stone will help postpartum mothers overcome depression and restore health.
Moreover, rose quartz stone also affects the kidneys and adrenal glands, promoting the body to release excess impurities. Wearing a rose quartz stone bracelet also limits the state of dizziness and vertigo.
3. Effect of amethyst (Amethyst)
Since ancient times, amethyst has been considered a symbol of wisdom, calm and spiritual power. They believe that amethyst contains energy capable of detoxification, healing, exorcism and bringing good luck to the user.
Amethyst helps to attract positive energy and deflect negative energy. Placing quartz stone in the office, company office or at home will help attract prosperity, favorable business and prosperity.
4. The effect of yellow quartz stone
Amethyst is known as the "success stone" or "prosperity stone". Placing a golden cotton quartz ball or a yellow cotton quartz stone pillar in the southeast direction of the house will help attract money.
Wearing a yellow quartz bracelet will affect nerve impulses, helping to improve intelligence and concentration. From there, problems with short-term memory or amnesia will gradually improve.
5. The effect of smoky quartz stone
Smoky quartz has the ability to balance the physical, mental and create cohesion with relationships in the family. At the same time, helping owners avoid risks in business and in daily life.
Placing smoky quartz stone at work will help calm down, calm evil, prevent killing intent to help owners prosper. In addition, placing smoky quartz in the living room will help eliminate harmful things and eliminate harmful rays from wifi waves, phones, and radios.
As can be seen, quartz stone contains extremely hidden power. Each type of quartz has a unique meaning and effect, but all bring luck and health to the user. Hopefully, the above knowledge will help you better understand the effects of quartz stone in feng shui and life.
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