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What is the price of natural rose quartz?

Before buying any feng shui item, we also need to refer to the price of feng shui stone and depending on the shape, size, and weight, the price of rose quartz will have different prices. So how much does rose quartz cost will be revealed in the article below.
Factors determining the price of rose quartz
Normally, rose quartz stone has a much higher price than other quartz stones on the market today, because in part they will depend on the origin - one of the factors that determine the price of quartz. natural rose.
Rose quartz stone originated in Brazil
Rose quartz stones from Brazil are considered the most beautiful quartz stones on the market today thanks to the natural element that creates a bright pink, deep pink color and less impurities clinging to the stone.
From a large rose quartz block, artisans will make items of great feng shui value such as quartz stone mascots, rose quartz stone bridges for the purpose of decorating in living rooms or reception halls. The renovation of the company not only shows the solemnity, class, increases aesthetics but also brings luck, peace and increases prosperity to the owner.
Rose quartz stone originated in Vietnam
In Vietnam, nature is also endowed with feng shui quarries that are not inferior to other countries in the world. Therefore, rose quartz is also mainly exploited in some provinces of Gia Lai, Dak Lak, and Da Nang with large blocks of stone from 1 ton back through very special technologies.
In Vietnam, with the soil and climate conditions here, the quartz stones when exploited contain a lot of iron oxide components that stick around, causing the stone to lose its use value and the processing work becomes difficult. should be more difficult.
Therefore, rose quartz is only used in feng shui problems or as ornamental stones for decoration. After mining, they are sold in two forms: cubic rose quartz and crushed quartzite.
Polished Rose Quartz Stone
On the market today, polished rose quartz is very popular and is often used to spread potted plants, put in aquariums or spread graves. With small sizes from 1 - 1.5cm, these stones are all polished and polished by artisans.
How much is the price of natural rose quartz?
Depending on the size and accessories included, rose quartz will have different and varied prices. Specifically as:
- Monolithic rose quartz stone: Priced from 70,000 VND - 170,000 VND/kg
- Raw pink quartz stone: Priced from 25,000 VND - 60,000 VND/kg
- Polished pink quartz stone: 100,000 VND
- Rose quartz stone is processed into products such as: rose quartz ball, stone pillars, toadstools, Buddha statues of all kinds, ... will cost more from a few hundred to several million even a few dozen million depending on item size.
- Rose quartz stone bracelet: From 8 cups to 14 glasses will cost from 850,000 VND - 1,200,000 VND.
Instructions to distinguish rose quartz and fake stones
Rose quartz stone has high feng shui value, so it is easy to fake, for those who are not knowledgeable about the stone, it is easy to be deceived. So, to help you avoid buying fake and poor quality goods, do the following 2 ways:
- Use acetone cleaner used by nail salons to put a few drops on the stone, if the stone is faded, it is a color treated rose quartz stone.
- If you look closely with the naked eye, you will clearly see the stone veins inside. If it is a colored stone, there will be colored lines sticking to the surface of the stone through the interstitial stones and washing with water will also be detected immediately.
Thus, the price of natural rose quartz much depends on the type of product and the needs of the customer. Because it is a semi-precious stone, the price of rose quartz is neither too expensive nor too cheap. In addition, the price of rose quartz stone depends on the mining, transportation and sales policies of each business unit.
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