"Playing stones makes life interesting, helps you get close to nature, makes people noble and luxurious"

APARTMENT FORCE (SCREEN) Quartz Stone Giảm 210.000VND


690.000VND 900.000VND -23%

Since ancient times, quartz stone has always been classified as semi-precious stones favored by the beauty of beauty and the benefits both physically and mentally for its owners. In particular, hexagonal quartz pillars (hexagonal) have an upright shape, the wide and solid base shows the spirit to rise and break out, so many people prefer to use it.


10.000VND 20.000VND -50%

In feng shui, the yin and yang coin is also one of the basic items to make and eliminate the taboos committed. This is a symbol of wealth and strong fortune. The round money represents Heaven, in the middle there is a square hole representing the Earth. On the coin, it is printed with the Bagua image showing the Truth of Heaven and Earth, which is compatible with all things to create merit and wealth.


200.000VND 300.000VND -33%

Marble is a product that is being used by a lot of people, not only about the beauty of the stone but also it has many meanings and uses in life.
Crumbled quartz stone 4x6cm rough pink Giảm 40.000VND

Crumbled quartz stone 4x6cm rough pink

40.000VND 80.000VND -50%

In the building field quartz is used as a gas used to calm feng-shui, quartz is a special rock that can produce an energy field containing positive electrons. Pink quartzite is a high-energy stone that is often used a lot in burying foundations, making miniatures or making jewelry, ...
Crushed quartz stone size 1x2 cm Giảm 12.000VND

Crushed quartz stone size 1x2 cm

18.000VND 30.000VND -40%

Quartz rock is the highest energy feng shui stone among feng shui stones, since it is formed for a long time, so they are absorbed with energy sources from heaven and earth, these energy sources bring many benefits. feng-shui benefits, so feng-shui masters often recommend using crushed quartz stone to spread the floor for houses with poor energy sources, ...
Rose quartz block Giảm 400.000VND

Rose quartz block

100.000VND 500.000VND -80%

Pink quartz stone blocks are used by experts in feng shui to use in construction such as: Tran Trach, buried foundations, scattered foundations, natural miniatures, statues, jewelry, ... because steamed pink quartz consume strong energies to help people fight stress, quell anger and be a protective stone of love. Close affection between family members, tighten predestined relationships, improve couple affection.
Monolithic white quartz stone Giảm 250.000VND

Monolithic white quartz stone

50.000VND 300.000VND -83%

In feng shui, white quartz stone is used to support the house, the land is very good because inside they exist extremely large energy bands.
Gilded Stone Giảm 200.000VND

Gilded Stone

250.000VND 450.000VND -44%

Nha San is the place to supply Vang Gac stone originating from the Central Highlands. Vang Găm is a kind of stone with feng shui energy and higher hardness than other types of Feng Shui. Nowadays, Vang Găm is consulted by Feng Shui experts for homeowners to bury their foundations, spread floors to make trenches, exorcisms, and handle bad rays. Placing the altar of his land, he will attract fortune and bring good fortune to the land.
Lavabo Washbasin Monolithic Quartz Stone RM-02 Giảm 3.400.000VND

Lavabo Washbasin Monolithic Quartz Stone RM-02

16.600.000VND 20.000.000VND -17%

From the blocks of natural rose quartz that are grinded, polished, and pierced by the stone artisans, we are truly rustic, friendly, and close to nature. Natural rose quartz stone sink RM-02 is a complete combination of different accessories to create a beautiful, unique and strange space for apartments, restaurants, hotels, resorts.
Vietnam Golden Quartz Column Head Giảm 300.000VND

Vietnam Golden Quartz Column Head

700.000VND 1.000.000VND -30%

Quartz inherently has many variations and Golden Flower Quartz is one of them. It is an indispensable feng shui item in the office of successful businessmen or merchants. This is not only a decorative item but it also brings many positive meanings to the life of the owner.
QC472 . ROSE Quartz Ball Giảm 190.000VND

QC472 . ROSE Quartz Ball

600.000VND 790.000VND -24%

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