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12-sided stone is one of the feng shui quartz products used by many people, because they have special external shapes and have positive energy sources that affect people. Follow the article below to know more about 12-sided rock offline !!!
The 12-sided stone has 11 cool and 11 hot sides, which are very special to capture and generate energy. The stone has 5 edges of a star so it can amplify energy in many directions in each plane plane.
12-sided stone is a powerful stone, has many meanings of feng shui and is very useful in today”s life. In order to find the beautiful 12-sided stone in terms of emotion and quality, Nha San Tay Nguyen is proud to be a unit specializing in providing natural gem and semi-precious stones. The trusted and prestigious address of feng shui experts and feng shui devotees hunting for gemstones in general and 12-sided quartz in particular. The nature of the 12-sided stone has many meanings on the stone, the most clearly shown is a 5-sided star shape, each equal edge selected by artisans from the stilt house to choose good stones with an energy of over 9000 applications. bovis taste. nhasan.com.vn say no to "Strange Water Stone".
Stone 12 has a quite special structure that can capture and spread energy on all sides. 12 faces represent 12 months of the year, 12 zodiac signs, 12 hours, 12 signs of the zodiac.
High Power 12 Faceted Quartz Stone
High Power 12 Faceted Quartz Stone
→ All dimensions include heavenly structure (bottom and top)
  + The Five Elements Mutual Generation: 5 hemispherical sides. Kim, Carpentry, Water, Fire and Earth.
Making a 12-sided stone ball is not an easy task. requires the meticulous and skillful of the workman. Workers must have professional skills to confidently cut the edges of the stone. A little misalignment will lose the edge of the stone.
Quartz Stone - Stone 12 Faces
Quartz Stone - Stone 12 Faces
►The use of 12-sided quartz stone ball:
♦ 12-sided stone is used in the town of Trach town - exorcism.
♦ Use a small 12-sided stone ball during meditation - create focus for more effective meditation.
♦ Using a 12-sided stone ball placed on a desk or desk, the energy of the stone will help the mind to be comfortable, creative thinking, strong mind. Make right decisions.
♦ The 12-sided Quartz Ball is used to transform a part of life into a better state.
♦ Find a new way, a new way of thinking in any one job.
♦ Create positive energy, Eliminate evil rays - Help the family to be peaceful.
♦ Strengthen intellectual development.
♦ Attract good energy - bring luck in life.


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