5 Serious mistakes when buying Feng Shui Quartz.

Uncle and uncle are looking for and buy quartz stone to: Spread, bury the town floor. Use feng shui items from quartz stones such as: balls, stone pillars, bracelets from Quartz Stone to win fortune. Without knowing where to buy? Buy real quartz stone? And how to use it properly?

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5 Serious mistakes when buying Feng Shui Quartz
5 Serious mistakes when buying Feng Shui Quartz.
- As you all know: Quartz stone is a semi-precious stone with magnetic and energy, used by Western countries to support human health. And the East uses the word Feng Shui.
- Magnetic field and energy Quartz Stone acts on the house and the human nervous system. So you must use natural quartz stone.
- So buying quartz stone and using it incorrectly will not support your health, but money is still lost.
1. Buy must mix plastic, plastic powder, glass
- Polished quartz stone on the market is often mixed with plastic and glass to reduce costs.
- Bracelets, pendants, buddha faces .. are made from stone powder mixed with glue, creating very beautiful items.
- Because it”s not natural stone, the background doesn”t work, it”s just beautiful.
Quartz feng shui mixed resin
Quartz feng shui mixed resin
2. Purchase a heat treatment quartz stone.
- Heat treatment stone is also known as heating stone.
- A lot of you do not understand what thermal rock is. Stone is put into a furnace at a high temperature, using chemicals to treat the crack and the color of the rock is called a heat treatment stone.
- Buy must be stone effect 70% less stone. But the picture color is beautiful.
Quartz stone heat treatment
Quartz stone heat treatment
3. Buy calcite stone, usually like quartz stone.
- Calcite stone is often similar to quartz, many people mistakenly think it has similar colors on the outside.
- To distinguish calcareous rocks and quartz stones, you subscribe to the following video, which will guide you very simply to distinguish.
4. Buy places where there are no warehouses, clear addresses, and no business license
- Many brothers and sisters go on e-commerce sites, small shops buy counterfeit stones at high prices and cannot pay.
Real Quartz Stone
Real Quartz Stone
5. Buy real stone but use it incorrectly.
- You can buy real quartz stone but use it incorrectly, not promote all the effects of quartz stone.
- You should learn more about how to use or text, call Nha San for more advice.
- If you have time, invite you to Nha San Tay Nguyen to see the stone more carefully.
5 Serious mistakes when buying Feng Shui Quartz
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