Feng shui stone shop in Tra Vinh is reputable - quality

Feng shui stone is becoming more and more familiar to humans because of the benefits it brings to humans. Feng shui stone is an item that can help change the destiny of the user. Due to the increasing demand, it is not easy to find a reputable and quality feng shui store.
Today”s article will introduce Feng Shui Stone Store in Tra Vinh, which is a reputable place for you to buy quality feng shui stone.
Tra Vinh feng shui stone with many types of stones such as (quartz, onyx, canxedon, marble, ...) and designs - different sizes make the difference between our store and the stores. other.
Let”s see what”s in our store !!!!!!
1. Stone Quartz Feng Shui Tra Vinh.
For Quartz stone, there are some basic colors such as white, pink, yellow, smoky ,.
♦ Rose Quartz Stone: Rose Quartz is the stone symbolizing the heart, love. They help soothe emotional pain, fight stress and anger, and improve relationships for the person who uses it. Moreover, rose quartz also has the ability to enhance emotions in love, in the couple relationship, help sleep well, increase creativity, dispel evil, and bad luck for the owner.
High Energy 12 Sided Stone
High Energy 12 Sided Stone
♦ White Quartz Stone: The use of white quartz is emphasized in stimulating the concentration of the brain, removing bad energy, bringing luck and healing the body. The energy of white quartz stimulates the functioning of the brain, increases your ability to focus and helps balance your mind.
♦ Golden Quartz Stone: Used to help the user increase his eloquence and long memory, Quartz stone is also a symbol of wisdom, like the sun”s rays dispel the dark darkness in the journey. get knowledge.
♦ Smoke Quartz Stone: Smoke quartz stone is a stone that has a very good effect on the health of the user because of the positive energy it brings. Smoke Quartz helps bring comfort, relieves tension, fatigue and reduces pain for owner.
Quartz Smoke Feng Shui
Quartz Smoke Feng Shui
2. Stone Ma Brain Feng Shui Tra Vinh
- Stone Ma Nao Feng Shui was formed thousands of years ago from the craters, when the volcano erupts, the lava flows cool quickly, it will sweep into the ground a lot of impurities such as soil, rocks, leaves. , ash, dust, ... these impurities can not get out in time, creating distinct stone patterns on the agate, very beautiful and of very high quality.
What Is The Brain Stone Use?
What Is The Brain Stone Use?
► The use of feng shui agate stone:
- Stone Brain Stone is a symbol of health, prosperity and longevity.
- Stone Brain Stone makes its owner easy to communicate - know how to speak.
- Stone Brain Stone helps to protect homeowners against malicious enemies.
- Makes men more glamorous in the eyes of women.
- Increased potency, helping to treat long-term coughs and throat diseases.
- Reduce seizures, fight fear, protect the body against infections and diseases in the stomach.
3. Stone feng shui canxedon in Tra Vinh
- Feng Shui Canxedon is a rock formed from intercluding quartz stone and tiny Moganite particles. Waxy, sometimes translucent and available in a variety of colors, commonly white to gray, greenish gray and brown to black.
► The use of Feng Shui Canxedon:
- Able to free the owner from anger and sorrow.
Feng Shui Canxedon Stone Ball
Feng Shui Canxedon Stone Ball
- Canxedon stone calms human psychology and emotions.
Dubbed the Stone of Joy. Therefore, it is able to dispel sadness and create a good mood.
In addition, Canxedon Stone is said to have the light of pure consciousness.
4. Quartz Stone Tra Vinh Clump
Crumbled quartz has many useful uses, let”s see the uses of crushed quartz:
Quartz Stone Scattered Background Tran Trach

Quartz Stone Scattered Background Tran Trach

►What is shredded quartz used in?
- Spreading the floor (town trach), eliminating evil rays from the ground, creating positive energy.
White Quartz Stone Size 1x2
White Quartz Stone Size 1x2
- Poor magnetic interference, good for health.
- The house is not oriented.
- The phenomenon of sleep paralysis.
- Promote brain activity to increase concentration.
- Generate positive energy for living, working and trading.
- Money and money are accumulated, Binh An”s family - Wealth in agreement.
Five Colors

Five Colors

Crude White Quartz Stone

Crude White Quartz Stone

5. Wood fossil Tra Vinh Feng Shui
♦ Petrochemical Wood is also known as Petrified Wood. Hoa Thach Wood precursor are trees buried in lava for millions of years turned into stone. Some types will turn into gems millions of years.
► The use of fossil wood like?
Wood Chemistry Tra Vinh
Wood Chemistry Tra Vinh
- Strengthens the body to create flexibility and health.
- Create a will in life.
- Unleash the potential and help those who pursue it to be confident and steadfast.
- Used to heal, expel yin and chant with qigong, increase energy.
Rough Hoa Thach Wood

Rough Hoa Thach Wood

- Prevent and treat arthritis pain, rheumatoid arthritis.
- Black Brown Hoa Thach Wood helps prevent and improve kidney diseases such as (infertility, chronic nephritis, back aches and pains and help eliminate unreasonable fear).
6. Feng shui stone bracelet
♦ Feng shui bracelets are not just jewelry that enhances fashion. But also brings luck and money, avoiding the bad luck for the wearer.
♦ It is made from many different types of feng shui stone and has different uses but all have the common use is to bring luck to the owner.
► Its own uses of various types of feng shui stone rings
- Wearing feng shui stone bracelets makes hands look softer.
Agate stone bracelet brings a lot of fortune, especially suitable for farmers.
- Wearing tiger eye bracelets for spirit is always comfortable, confident, balanced with emotions, increases concentration for high productivity.
What Is Gold Stone Bracelet
What Is Gold Stone Bracelet
- Wearing a Quartz bracelet brings health, happiness and peace to the homeowner.
- Help increase wealth, bring more luck to users.
⇒ Above are information about our store”s products. If you are in Tra Vinh and are looking for products from raw fiber to finished products of natural feng shui, do not hesitate to contact us for more advice.

Receive goods within 6 hours.
Be exchanged for 15 days.
Address warehouse17 DT743B Street, Dong Tan Quarter, Di An Ward, Di An City, Binh Duong.

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