Feng shui white quartz suitable for what destiny?

Clear Quartz is one of the stones with the ability to help focus energy, enlighten wisdom and is a symbol of abundant life. Therefore, white quartz stone is processed into many products that are applied in feng shui, construction and beauty fields. So what is white quartz suitable for in feng shui, let”s follow it right in the trace below.
The meaning of white quartz stone in feng shui
In ancient times, white quartz was considered an undivided belief by prophets and sorcerers. Even the great prophetess Vanga, along with the great Tibetan lamas, all use a white quartz stone ball with the meaning of helping the owner focus positive energies, stabilize the mind, and open the door. bright intellectual thinking.
Therefore, white quartz stone has a positive impact on human intelligence. With strong positive energy, white quartz helps to restrain and release bad energy. Stabilizes the owner”s spirit and attracts positive energy.
White quartz stone also brings a lot of luck in work and daily life. Dissolve all bad luck, avoid being taken advantage of by petty people, thereby helping you to always feel happy in life.
In addition, white quartz stone also helps the owner / homeowner against evil spirits entering the body. You can also hang or place quartz stone on your car to help prevent murder and prevent car accidents or unexpected incidents.
When owning white quartz stone, men will have a serious, modest and elegant style. For women will become pure, pure. A special thing is that if men give jewelry made from white quartz stone, it will show love and respect. Thereby helping the couple”s relationship become stronger and lasting.
How to choose the right color for your destiny
Depending on the destiny of each person, choose suitable stone colors, for example:
Menh Kim: People of this destiny should choose white and yellow quartz stones.
Par of Wood: The colors white, black, sky blue and blue will be very suitable for people with Wood par.
Menh Thuy: If Kim gives birth to aquatic life, the colors associated with this destiny will be gray and white. Owning a quartz stone with these colors will bring a lot of luck and happiness.
Manh Fire: According to the five elements, Fire represents fire and has extremely strong vitality. In addition, it also symbolizes passion, enthusiasm in work and in life. So the colors suitable for Fire will be red, orange and green.
Destiny Earth: Red, purple, yellow, pink, and brown are the colors that represent earth and fire.
Feng shui white quartz suitable for what destiny?
According to the principle of the five elements, white color is very suitable for people with par Thuy and par Kim.
For the Kim par: People belonging to the Kim par are often domineering and often devoted themselves to what they themselves want and believe in. Because of living too strictly, it is easy to affect relationships with people around. Therefore, feng shui white quartz will balance and improve relationships with people in the family as well as in society.
For the Thuy par: People belonging to the Thuy par are often sharp because of their intelligent mind, good memory and characteristic humorous personality. However, their weakness is being too impatient and often spoiling things in life. Therefore, white quartz will help them get out of this situation in a more positive way.
Note when choosing feng shui stones according to destiny
So we already know how to choose feng shui white quartz stone in accordance with the destiny in the five elements. However, when choosing feng shui white quartz stone, you also need to note the following:
Although suitable for one destiny, the stones themselves will have different effects. For example, there are types that are suitable for fame and fortune, and there are types that are also attracted to fate and love lines. Therefore, depending on your wishes and conditions, you can consider buying the right stone for your needs.
The internal stone energy source only really works when it is a real stone. Because natural white quartz stones are formed from deep in the earth and undergo many changes of the universe, the stone has extremely wonderful effects. And this is also something that no other artificial stone has.
Therefore, when choosing to buy feng shui stones, you must really consider carefully or consult with people who are knowledgeable about feng shui stones to ensure that they bring useful effects to life.
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