House Signs You Need To Handle Feng Shui With Quartz Feng Shui Stone

Today, we would like to represent Nha San Tay Nguyen brothers to share experiences: Signs of the house You live in need to handle feng shui with Quartz Stone.

Post date: 01-10-2020

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Signs your house needs feng shui treatment with quartz stone
Signs your house needs feng shui treatment with quartz stone
  We have the right to decide whether to buy a house or build a house, but the house makes fun of the people living in it.
 - So a good house has a good impact, a bad house has a bad impact on the person living in that house.
 - The karma of a house depends on what happened on the house earlier.
 - Even the actions of the people from the old family who lived before are also very important: The family is harmonious, the good and respectable people also leave good energy for the house.
 - Death, violence, crime and disease also leave negative energies.
 * You should know what your house was before:
+ The house is located on an old cemetery.
+ The house is located on an area of ​​land involved in murder crime.
+ A slaughter house, funeral home, morgue, hospital, landfill formerly on the ground.
+ A person was killed or met an accidental or sudden death in this house.
+ Or the house was abandoned because of bankruptcy .....
• It”s all very bad for the people who live in it.
 - To clear that karma often, Taoist priests often organize rituals, each Taoist has its own ritual.
 - Feng shui experts or homeowners understand how to use Quartz Stone to improve the energy of their house.
 - When you move into a house or an apartment, you should have a big and noisy party to get rid of the old energy.
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