Marble and the meaning of marble

Marble is the most quintessential and precious objects of heaven and earth, Vietnamese people from past to present also love marble. By the ancients said, wearing pearls on the body is good for air transport, good for health, good for money. Marble brings purity, sweetness and nourishes the energy of luck and love to its users.

Marble is made up of particles and microfiber that stick together. They have a lower hardness than many gemstones such as diamond, ruby, sapphire and quartz. However, thanks to the microfiber structure and the beads, they have the highest toughness, thanks to this property, one can cut marble into very thin pieces and make extremely beautiful and attractive jewelry.
According to old folklore, the longer marble is used, the more beautiful it is.
► Meaning of marble:
Marble provides peace of mind and reduces anxiety. Its balance makes it harmonious all aspects of life. People who carry marble or meditate with it, make them feel more positive, happy, energetic, confident and healthier. If marble is worn as a necklace near the heart, or like earrings, they will escape nightmares and restlessness.
How Marble is used
How Marble is used
Also known as a "stone from heaven," the green marble is said to bring calm, cleanse its impure system of thought. It also helps the wearer avoid anger, injury, pain. sad, and negative thoughts.
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12-sided Marble Ball
12-sided Marble Ball
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