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Feng shui stone pillars are items with vertical shapes, wide and stable base. The higher the pillar gets, the smaller it becomes and until the top is pointed. Many people believe that if you own this type of item, it will help bring luck, fortune, fame and career. More specifically, we will explore the effects and meanings of quartz stone cylinder feng shui products.

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►Health effects of feng shui quartz stone pillar
♦ Quartz stone pillar feng shui if used on the desk will help bring a refreshing spirit, help reduce pressure, stress and stress.
♦ If you often have headaches due to work or life pressure, using feng shui stone pillar helps you improve this situation effectively.
Place Of Prestige Quartz Pillars
Place Of Prestige Quartz Pillars
♦ Feng shui quartz stone pillar will help users to be more lucid and more alert in all problems of life because it stimulates the nervous system to keep the user spirit always fresh.
♦ Quartz stone pillars can also boost the immune system in hazardous environments or environments with bad energy. For example, putting it on a desk helps absorb computer radiation and helps reduce eye strain and skin damage.
Hexagon Head Stone Quartz Stone
Hexagon Head Stone Quartz Stone
►The effect of quartz stone pillars in feng shui:
According to feng shui experts, quartz stone has the following uses:
♦ Feng shui quartz stone pillars can bring luck and fortune thanks to the ownership of positive energy in them.
♦ Quartz stone pillar helps open mind and spirit so the owner also confidently copes with challenges better.
♦ Feng shui quartz stone pillars can stimulate creativity, wonderful imagination to help inspire good works.
White Quartz Crystal Head

White Quartz Crystal Head

♦ Feng shui quartz stone pillars help improve relationships in life from colleagues, superiors as well as the relationship between husband and wife.
♦ Feng shui quartz stone pillar is a gas with motivating energy, extremely strong support for learning enthusiasts as well as inspiring you to pay attention and focus more on learning.
Vietnam Quartz Rock Pyramid Natural Stone Pyramid
Vietnam Quartz Rock Pyramid Natural Stone Pyramid
►Purchase natural quartz stone pillars where prestige:
♦ To get the energy as above, you need to choose natural quartz products, so you need to go to the places selling reputable quartz stone products that are trusted by many people. Nha San Tay Nguyen is an address trusted and recommended by feng shui masters to many people.
♦ So, when you buy quartz stone pillar products at Nha San, you should be assured of the quality of the product. Because quartz products at Nha San are all originated from the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
"Nhà Nhà Tây Nguyên - Say no to strange rocks".


Receive goods within 6 hours.
Be exchanged for 15 days.
Address warehouse17 DT743B Street, Dong Tan Quarter, Di An Ward, Di An City, Binh Duong.

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