What color stone does Destiny Metal wear? 4 types of feng shui stones suitable for par Kim

What color stone does the person destined for Metal alloy wear? How to choose the most suitable feng shui stone for career advancement, good luck and happiness in love, let”s also learn in the article below to choose 4 types. suitable stone.

Post date: 14-12-2021

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Personality of the person destined for Kim
The Metal element refers to autumn and is also a manifestation of the solid, enduring form. Besides, Kim is also a conductor, when it is positive, it is extremely sharp, but if it becomes negative, it will bring destruction.
Therefore, par Kim represents strength, solidity. People of this zodiac sign will have a strong, independent and confident personality. Not only that, they are very good at work related to the organization, quickly adapt to the new environment and have the ability to become a talented leader.
But it is the hardness at work that people with Kim destiny have too big of an ego, are domineering and quite conservative. Therefore, in order to improve this negative point and promote the strength of character, feng shui color is one of the factors that determine luck and prosperity.
Color suitable for people destined for Kim
The color is mutual, compatible with par Kim
Hanh Kim is a symbol of metal and metal, white, silver, and gray colors are considered suitable colors for people with the Kim par with the ability to bring luck, convenience and health to people of the zodiac. this destiny.
According to the law of the five elements, Earth birth Kim means that the essence of metal is nurtured from soil and soil. Therefore, people with the Kim par can also choose colors that are compatible with the Earth par, such as yellow, brown with the meaning of bringing positive energy, adding physical and mental strength to the owner.
Taboo colors with par Kim
According to the five opposing elements, Fire will engrave Kim, the colors representing Fire such as red, pink will be contrasting with those of Kim destiny. Using these taboo colors will cause the owner/homeowner to have a lot of difficulties in doing business, trading or worse, the family is in turmoil, health is declining and having a lot of bad luck.
What color stone does Destiny Metal wear?
Based on the mutual colors, compatible with the Kim par, we can see that the following colored stones will be very suitable for personality as well as can be applied in many feng shui that you should know such as:
Blonde quartz stone is suitable for people with par Kim
Amethyst is a unique and fancy feng shui jewelry thanks to its crafting from rutile fibers that carry positive energy. This stone ring also has an optical effect that when exposed to sunlight will create an extremely sparkling light.
Thanks to the power of the inner energy source, Blonde Amethyst helps to calm down, regulate the spirit, help you stay awake, easily distinguish the real from the fake, avoid falling into the schemes of others. Besides, the yellow color is a symbol of fortune and wealth, the person destined for Kim when owning this stone will help bring luck and success to the user.
White quartz stone is suitable for people destined for Kim
Clear Quartz has many typical types such as colorless transparent quartz, white quartz, and opaque white quartz all colors symbolizing purity, purity and innocence. When people with par Kim wear items made from white quartz stone, they will receive a great source of energy capable of regulating blood, stabilizing nerves, anti-swelling, anti-inflammatory,... In addition, the coolness of Kim”s body. White quartz stone also helps to soothe fever, clear body heat and purify negative energies affecting the body.
Gray fossil wood
Over millions of years of formation, fossil wood contains huge magnetic energy and is a symbol of longevity and health. This stone also has the ability to affect the bone chakra, helping to support the treatment of bone and joint diseases, life degeneration .. gray fossil will suit you extremely well.
Golden Brown Tiger”s Eye Stone
Tiger”s eye is a variation of quartz with a cat”s eye effect and a beautiful silk sheen. Not only that, tiger”s eye stone is also considered a stone representing courage, with the ability to stimulate courage, helping the user to have more confidence and progress in life.
The wearer of tiger”s eye stone is very easy to have many steps forward in work and get happiness in love. If the person of the Kim destiny is shy and lacks confidence, this stone will help you become stronger. From there, it helps to stimulate courage and breakthrough in career.
Above is the information shared about what color stone Menh Metal should wear and 4 types of feng shui stones that are suitable for par Kim. Hope through this article will help you have more choices for yourself. If you are looking to buy feng shui stones, please contact us immediately
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