Where is quartz stone in Vietnam?

Surely everyone knows that quartz stone is always classified as a rare gemstone with high applicability, containing extremely positive energy and rich in feng shui value, but few people know that quartz stone is present in the world. where in Vietnam. If you are interested in this issue, please find out through the information below.
Where is quartz stone distributed in Vietnam?
To exploit quartz stone, people will rely on the refractive index of 1.54 - 1.55 with a density of 2.65 - 2.66 so that miners can easily identify and distinguish quartz stone with other rocks for the purpose of helping the process. mining easier.
In Vietnam, quartz stone is distributed mainly in central provinces such as Kon Tum, Lam Dong, Dak Lak. Long cylindrical quartz crystals, crystal quartz crystals will be distributed mainly in Thanh Hoa area and some Northwest regions.
4 largest quartz quarries in Vietnam
Quartz stone is becoming more and more popular, widely used and diversified. That”s why quartz quarries are always interested by investors, mines with large reserves, good quality and full mining licenses will help the application and export of quartz stone become more popular. convenient and easy. Here are the 4 largest quartz quarries in Vietnam:
Quartz mines in the Central Highlands region
You may not know, the Central Highlands is one of the areas with large mineral reserves of our country, including quartz stone reserves. The quartz quarries here have a total area of ​​up to 4.7 hectares. The reserve of quarry at the mine is 35,955 tons, equivalent to the amount of mining in the license. However, in order to be licensed to exploit, it is necessary to have a map and exploration paper and then send it to the authorities for approval.
Quartz stone in the Central Highlands region has a variety of colors and stable quality, widely used in decoration and other fields such as industry and construction.
Quartz quarries in Thanh Hoa
Quartz quarries in Ha Lai commune, Ha Trung district, Thanh Hoa province are managed and exploited by Ha Trung Materials Production Joint Stock Company. This place is one of the large quarries supplying stone and quartz sand to the market with a total mining area of ​​nearly 9ha.
Each month, quartz quarries are exploited with a reserve of about 20,000m3, mainly milk quartz and white quartz chips. This is a stone of high purity, so it is used for decoration and brings feng shui meaning.
Quartz quarries in Yen Bai
Quartz quarries in Yen Bai are managed and exploited by Mong Son Joint Stock Company. This place is a potential source of supply for the domestic quartz stone and quartz sand market with an area of ​​​​about 9 hectares.
The reserve of quartz stone in Yen Bai is quite abundant, about 20,000 m3 mainly of milky white and clear white quartz, of good quality thanks to the amount of SiO2 from 95% - 99%.
Quartz quarries in Bac Kan
Bac Kan province is endowed with many rare minerals by nature, in which quartz stone is one of the precious stones that contribute to promoting the local economy. The quarry is located in Ngan Son district, Bac Kan province, exploited and managed by BAT Vietnam International Group Joint Stock Company.
With large and abundant reserves of up to 8ha, quartz quarries in Bac Kan province are considered as one of the four largest quarries in our country. Thanks to its good quality and small amount of impurities, quartz stone has high purity and is applied in many different fields thanks to the application of modern screening technology.
Raw quartz stone mining and cleaning process
In order to exploit quartz stone, companies will use professional machinery and equipment to mine and clean with the following processes:
Processing stage
Raw quartz stone after being mined and transported, they will be sprayed with a specialized engine to clean and arrange before sorting.
Classification and selection
This is one of the important processes, requiring intensive skills and meticulousness. Therefore, trained and experienced implementation workers will directly sort and select. The entire implementation process will be closely monitored by supervisors to ensure the output quality of the product.
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