What are white quartz crystals used for?

Quartz after forming, the sudden cooling process will lead to opaque rock crystals, when the cooling process is slower than the stone of good quality and clarity. The clarity of white quartz crystals depends on the age of the stone as well as the cooling process.

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White Crystal Quartz Stone Pillar

Origin of white quartz crystal
Crystal White Quartz has the original six-sided hexagonal shape created by nature, the reason why it forms six-sided white quartz crystals is due to the silicon Sio2 blocks located deep in the volcanic bed for millions of years, meet strong compressive pressure conditions, which are suitable for the growth of hexagonal crystals.

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Raw White Quartz Crystals

What are the uses and meanings of white crystal quartz?
+ In terms of feng shui
White Quartz clears sorrow, brings the soul to a state of balance, helps you feel more confident and optimistic in life.
The stone inspires the owner, enhances creativity and the spirit of learning.
The stone is very popular with business people because of its ability to attract money, luck and prosperity to the owner.
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Beam of Quartz Crystals

+ In terms of health
It should be combined with meditation to maximize the use of White Quartz, helping to clear the mind, focus, stabilize the nervous system and enhance memory.
White Quartz has the ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation very well, suitable for people who work often on computers and phones.
The stone has a positive effect on the respiratory system, circulatory system, enhancing the mind and physical strength of the owner.
In addition, a use that crystalline quartz stone brings, which is known by a few people, is to use quartz stone to soak in drinking water, the water will be cool and sweet, very delicious to drink.
Quartz stone also helps you reduce stress, sleep more deeply by placing a natural quartz stone in the bedroom.

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Raw White Crystal Quartz Stone

Where to buy natural white crystal quartz stone?
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