Feng Shui Marble Ball

CACH THACH BRIDGE DEMAND is a natural stone made up of extremely small particles and fibers stick together. Using Marble will bring owners optimism, enthusiasm, consistency, positive direction and thrill in business as well as peace in life.

Feng Shui Marble Ball

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Feng Shui Marble Ball:
Weight: 5.0kg


Diameter: 14.4cm

► Uses and meanings of the blue marble sphere:
+ Green marble sphere works for the mind, helps the mind always lucid, comfortable, boosts confidence and vitality, Blue Quartz also works to create links and consensus among the partner when it comes to agreement or work negotiation.
+ Put the blue quartz ball on the desk, it will work well for those who work in editorial, research or meticulous work such as making accounting reports, drafting things. laws, drafting contracts, developing business plans or drawing design drawings, especially chief accountants.
Green Feng Shui Marble
Green Feng Shui Marble
+ Create positive energy, eliminate reflective rays.
+ Improving feng shui and gas borne.
+ Family peace, good transportation.
+ Enhancing intellectual development, stabilizing the mental state.
+ The shadow phenomenon, the house is not directed, sand is improved.
+ Improve affection, tighten predestined relationships.
+ Deodorizing, de-electromagnetic wave emitted from TV, computer, microwave.
+ Accumulated talent, rich wealth, tranquility, exorcism, prosperity has just distribution.
+ Attracting good energy to bring good fortune in life and at work.
Meaning Of Feng Shui Marble Bridge
Meaning Of Feng Shui Marble Bridge
Customers buy feng shui green marble.
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