The Crystal Warrior is a disc consisting of seven orbs, arranged in two triangles, arranged in six small capsules and one large in the middle. The small tablets are placed alternately creating a circle around a large tablet.


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► Origin of Seven-Star Battle:
♦ Battle loss is made from Quartz, especially White Quartz and Pink Quartz, etc. It is also made from Petrified Wood, which is 100% natural extracted from Vietnam Feng Shui Stone.
♦Battle loss of Nha San was originated from the Central Highlands and people here sought to bring and make That Tinh Tinh battle products.
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♦ Battle loss had the effect of tranquility, exorcism, and killing intent were very helpful in praying for luck and fortune. Help people seize the opportunity, luck, balance energy. In addition, Seven Star Battle can also help people enhance memory, fight off bad energies and expand the mind and blood.
Battle loss
Battle loss
The effect of Lovelorn Battle:
♦ Diffuse bad energies.
♦ Air conditioning.
♦ Create harmony, solidarity and ability to protect employers.
♦ Helping the employer to be more open in relationships and in daily communication, having good luck in life as well as in business, developing intelligence, enhancing good memory.
♦ Can also help employers to avoid threats from themselves, more cautious than cunning forces.
♦ In addition, Battle loss also helps to balance energy, mental intelligence, enhance health, ... More specifically, That Battle loss also has the ability to skill, helping its owner more wisely in choosing the fortune.
The effects of the Seven Seven Battles
The effects of the Seven Seven Battles
♦ Battle loss is very suitable for those in business contempt, helping them to be promoted in their jobs as well as businessmen who are more fortunate and more successful. In the family, the family life is harmonized, the feelings of the people are tightened, avoiding conflicts in the family.
How to properly place Seven Stars in feng shui:
♦ At home we should put in the cool in the living room especially on the table to drink water to strengthen the power of the disc to help families be more informed.
♦ In the workplace, we put it right at the top of the desk to make the job smoother and faster.
♦ Placing Battle loss in the tea room of the company helps the company to expand many business relationships, meet many business nobles, help employers communicate with partners smoothly and effectively.
Video: What Is There A Difference Between Vietnamese Rock Battle and Strange Water Stone?
The Meaning of the Seven Stars:
* The meaning of the Seven Stars in feng shui:
♦ Used to demolish the house, exorcise.
♦ Diffuse energy, bring prosperity.
♦ Ability to recover memory well.
♦ Helping the family to do business smoothly and prosperously.
♦ Helping the owner to have the intelligence, focus, promote the ability.
♦ Meet more luck in life as well as in the job to be more favorable.
♦ Family agreement, harmony, happiness, maintaining a solid, lasting relationship.
Meaningful Battle
Meaningful Battle
► The meaning of Seven-Star Battle in healing:
♦ Help people dispel fatigue, improve health and spirit.
♦ Ability to dispel evil spirits, eliminate toxic gases in the human body, creating a spirit of light and optimism.
♦ Improve energy levels in the body, regulate blood flow, strengthen memory and improve intuition.
♦ Prevent some diseases such as blood, circulatory system and antibody ...
Buy Seven Stars Battle:
You are looking to buy Seven Stars?
Selling Feng Shui Battle
Selling Feng Shui Battle
Nhà Sàn is a place that supplies all Tinh Tinh Battle products originating from the Central Highlands, with all kinds of different Stones. Coming to Nha San, you can feel secure our products with 100% real Stone. In addition, we have been granted a Certificate for Stone, you can freely choose the products you like.
Receive goods within 6 hours.
Be exchanged for 15 days.
Address warehouse17 DT 743B Street, Dong Tan Quarter, Di An Ward, Di An City, Binh Duong.


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