Use of Quartz stone

Quartz stone is a stone with high Feng Shui, especially Stone is being used most in Feng Shui.

Use of Quartz stone

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► There are a lot of questions, What is the use of Quartz stone used by so many users?
- Thạch Anh, also known as Thủy Ngọc, is made up of a continuous array of silicon-quartz silica quartz, in which each oxygen is shared between two tetrahedrons.
Use of Quartz stone
⇒ Usage of Quartz stone:
+ Improve feng shui and gas resources
+ Tracing, avoid evil, just as well
→ Tracing - avoiding evil - blocking gas, help you prosper, thrive.
+ Family peace - financial consensus
→ Transmission from the school, not only the average security guard, avoid evil but also help air circulation in the home to bring more luck.
+ Enhance intellectual development and mental stability
→ Quartz stone also has the ability to help you develop wisdom and improve vision.
+ Remove the waves from the TV, computer, microwave
→ To quartz glass near TVs, computers, microwaves can reduce the radiation emitted, avoid affecting human health.
+ The house is not directed
→ It is possible to place quartz stone right away with the possibility of exorcism.
+ Deodorant
+ Shadow phenomenon
→ Bed head or foot bed is two places set Quartz stone to eliminate the shadow phenomenon.
+ Emotional improvement
→ In order for love between the couple to be strong, it is recommended to leave the stone on the head of the bed can be linked to long-term love, but also avoid the shadow phenomenon.
+ ...
In addition, Quartz stone can also absorb good energy, bring more luck in life - of money made up.
⇒ How to use Quartz stone:
To use Quartz stone effectively, feng shui accommodation as well as workplace, here are two ways to use Stone Feng Shui:
Usage of Quartz Stone
- At home: Put quartz stone in the living room, on your desk as well as small children”s desk, decorated stairs, ...
- Place of work: Place your desk right at the corner of the office room with the effect of air from the school security, blocking the gas to help you peace, luck, prosperity business.


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