Use of Quartz stone

Quartz stone is a stone with high Feng Shui, especially Stone is being used most in Feng Shui.

Use of Quartz stone

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► There are many of you wonder, Quartz has any use but so many people use it?
- Quartz Stone, also known as Thuy Ngoc, is composed of a continuous array of silicon - oxygen tetrahedra, in which each oxygen is shared between two tetrahedra.
Uses Quartz Stone
Uses Quartz Stone
⇒ Usage of Quartz Stone:
+ Improve feng shui and gas resources
+ Tran Trach, avoid evil, prosperity and prosperity
→ Tran Tram - avoiding evil - stopping killing intent, helping you to prosper and prosper.
+ Safe family - convenient transportation
→ Transmit air from the school, not only protects the family peace and avoid evil but also helps to circulate the air in the house to bring good luck.
+ Strengthening intellectual development and stabilizing the mental state
→ Amethyst stone also has the ability to help promote wisdom and improve vision.
+ Eliminate magnetic waves emitted from televisions, computers, microwaves
→ Keep Quartz Stone near televisions, computers, microwaves to reduce radiation, avoid affecting human health.
+ The house is not oriented
→ It is possible to place Quartz Stone at the entrance, which has good exorcism.
+ Deodorant
+ Ball phenomenon
→ The Head of the Bed or the Foot of the Bed are 2 places that place Quartz Stone to help eliminate the phenomenon of ball crushing.
+ Improve affection
→ In order for the relationship between the couple to be strong, it is recommended to put Rose Quartz on the bedside so that the affection of husband and wife can be strong for a long time, and the shadow can be avoided.
+ ...
In addition, Quartz can absorb energy well, bring a lot of luck in life - the money made to accumulate.
⇒ How to use Quartz Stone:
To use Quartz Stone effectively, suitable feng shui residence as well as the workplace, here are 2 ways to use feng shui stone:
Usage of Quartz Stone
Usage of Quartz Stone
- At Home: Put Quartz Stone right in the living room cupboard, on his desk as well as children”s desk, decorate the stairs, ...
- Workplace: Place your own desk right in the corner of the room”s fortune with the effect of transmitting gas from the reassuring school, stopping killing intent to keep you safe, lucky and prosperous.
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