Shopping guide

Method 1: Order by phone
- Call to the phone: 0903 097 626 time from 7am to 10pm to order, we are always ready to serve you.
- We will give you free advice on how to choose feng shui rocks suitable for your destiny, your age, how to use them.
- If you agree on any product, we proceed with packaging and delivery
Option 2: Order directly on website:
- Step 1: You access our website at: then you select the product and you want to buy.
- Step 2: Click the order button and follow the instructions of the system, in this step the system will ask for your personal information, address and phone number so that our staff will contact you again. .
- Step 3: We will contact you as soon as possible to consult the appropriate products and proceed with your order.
- Step 4: Our staff will deliver goods to the address you provide.