100% natural quartz stone pyramid

As a gem with strong positive energy, Quartz has been present in many legends from ancient times to the present. The ancients praised Quartz for its ability to protect people from the encroachment of dark forces, evil spirits, healing ... Today, Quartz Stone has become more popular and loved by many people. .

Pyramid Stone Quartz is a wonderful combination, the magnetic field that it creates a positive and powerful effect on the body, mind, bringing health, peace, luck and harmony to the house. of the owner.

► Uses and meanings of natural quartz pyramid stone pillars:
♦ Help to relax, eliminate stress:
When you work too tense, tired, using a quartz pyramid placed on your desk, the energy from quartz stone radiates will make you feel relaxed and reduce stress a lot.
♦ Support meditation:
Feng Shui Quartz Pyramid
Feng Shui Quartz Pyramid
This is the most important use of a Rock Pyramid. Meditating alongside a Quartz Rock Pyramid will help students gain more healthy energy from the universe. Meditation with the Pyramid brings about 3 times more energy absorption into the body than without a quartz pyramid. As a result, the student”s mind will more easily enter a state of stillness.
♦ Help bring good luck, peace and health to people:
Natural Quartz Stone
Natural Quartz Stone
Scientists have shown that Pyramid energy has the ability to heal the body, reducing aches and pains; so when combined with the energy of Quartz Stone, this effect will be greater. Placing quartz stone pyramids indoors helps the owner to have a healthy body and less disease problems.
♦ Placing the stone pyramid of quartz stone pyramid in the living room helps to promote fortune and also helps the owner to be peaceful and lucky.
Natural Quartz Stone Pyramid
Natural Quartz Stone Pyramid

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