Activated carbon - Application of activated carbon

Activated carbon is activated carbon at high temperatures of 800-1000oC in the absence of oxygen, has a porous structure, large contact area, and is effective in absorbing dirt and chemicals. Applied in many fields such as health, industry or in feng shui, ... In feng shui activated carbon is often used to line foundations, spread septic tanks, septic tanks ...
►The activated carbon used in air purification.
♦ In our daily lives, there are hundreds and thousands of dirt that affect the health of people. Activated carbon is a safe material to treat fresh air.
♦ Activated carbon is used as a deodorizing stove in every family today.
♦ You can put activated carbon in cloth bags hanging on the house as a decorative accessory that contributes to the liveliness of the house while helping to purify the air of the house.
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Activated Carbon Eliminates Evil Ray Underground
►The activated carbon used in water filtration.
♦ Activated carbon helps absorb dirty waste of water, so combining activated carbon with sand and gravel will be better. Activated carbon will absorb dirt from the water and then transfer it to the sand and gravel layer and finally bring the water out of the clean water tank.
►Active activated carbon for industrial use
♦ Activated carbon is a cost-effective and cost-effective way to remove waste from factories and avoid environmental pollution.
♦ Reduce radiation, electromagnetic fields are not good for human health.
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Activated Carbon Application
►A special application of activated carbon is the removal of reflective rays in the ground.
♦ Each region has more or less different reflected rays. Each house itself has different degrees of evil. In order to identify the reflected rays, the radiologists often use the meter, or use the dowsing roller or the y-shaped wand, ... to measure.
♦ Thanks to the ability to emit infrared and produce electromagnetic fields if it is possible to eliminate harmful earth rays around the place where coal is located. The diseases caused by soil rays are often headache, dizziness, nausea, if exposed more can cause more serious disease. Therefore, in construction, people often use activated carbon to line the floor to eliminate the harmful rays of earth where they live. Places such as toilets, septic tanks can use activated carbon to deodorize also very effective.
♦ Activated carbon is also used to eliminate electromagnetic waves emitted from electronic devices. Use activated carbon placed in flower baskets or in decorative jars placed next to electronics.

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Activated Carbon In Feng Shui

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