Discover the truth about agate stone

Agate stone is a stone formed in nature with extremely diverse colors, with unique beauty that agate is used to make jewelry and feng shui items to apply in life. To better understand this stone, let”s explore the truth about agate stone with the Tay Nguyen stilt house.
Introduction to agate stone
Agate belongs to the Chalcedony rock group - a variant of quartz stone with the chemical formula silicon dioxide (SiO2). The hardness of the rock is from 6.5 - 7 Mohs and has a density of 2.6. However, when measuring the energy frequency according to BOVIS, the energy source in agate is not as strong as quartz.
Agate was quarried from about 10,000 - 3000 BC, formed from plant remains (including animal carcasses or fossil wood) or more specifically fossil bones. In addition, agate can also come from volcanic lava that cools through the mechanism that after the volcano erupts, the lava will cool down and roll all kinds of rocks and ash into it. Over time, these impurities will form beautiful stones and rocks.
Moreover, agate stone also known in English as Agate was found on the river Achates in Sicily in Greece. In Vietnam, they are popular in some provinces such as Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Lam Dong,...
How many types of agate stone?
Currently, agate stone in Vietnam has 6 types with 6 different colors, specifically:
Rough agate: Depending on the structure, the stone is often used to make stone jewelry and stones used for therapy.
Yellow agate: This stone is relatively rare, the color of the stone is a symbol of money and prosperity. Very suitable for people of Kim and Tho destiny.
Black Agate: Has the effect of helping to neutralize the killing impulse, is an amulet that brings luck, auspicious and good for people with Moc and Thuy destiny.
Red Agate: Suitable for people of Fire and Earth with the meaning of bringing luck, peace and happiness.
White Agate: This is a stone with purity and high spirituality. Help awaken the hidden inner strength of the Kim par and support the Thuy par in business and trade.
Blue agate: People of Thuy and Moc should choose, because blue agate will help stimulate energy, bond relationships and balance emotions.
Uses and meanings of agate stone
Throughout ancient cultures, agate was known as a talisman against negative energies, tragedy, natural disasters, protection, and good luck. Today, agate stone is also considered a symbol of health and prosperity, so agate stone brings many uses and positive meanings to health and feng shui:
Health benefits of agate stone
Agate strengthens the heart muscle and stabilizes blood vessels. Placing agate jewelry near your heart will help improve heart and lung function.
Agate stone is very beneficial for women in pregnancy, with the effect of helping to soothe aches and pains and especially after giving birth, the energy of the stone also helps to increase milk production.
Help is to relieve painful symptoms related to digestion such as gastritis and irritation of the digestive system. Besides, agate stone is also used as a pain reliever.
In addition, agate is also good for the eyes and helps to treat skin-related diseases, skin diseases, skin allergies, ...
The meaning of agate stone for health
Westerners believe that agate stone is a symbol of health and longevity. Therefore, men in European countries often wear onyx rings with the belief that it is a feng shui item that brings auspicious meanings.
For Asians, agate stone is known as a feng shui item that has the ability to decontaminate gas, regenerate vitality and increase prosperity. Not only that, using agate stone also brings a lot of good luck, helping to develop fame and career.
How to use and preserve agate stone
You can use agate in one of two ways:
After chilling, agate should be placed on the forehead to reduce fever
Placing an agate stone on the abdomen will relieve the symptoms of gastritis, improve the digestive tract.
Agate stone is a feng shui item that brings many positive benefits, after a period of use, you can also clean the stone by spraying it clean and using a soft cloth to gently wipe around so that the stone discharges the stones. negative energy.
Through this article, we hope that you will have a better understanding of agate stone as well as its uses to choose for yourself the right stone jewelry and stone items. If you still have questions and want to learn more, please call the hotline 0903097626 of House on Stilts in the Central Highlands of Binh Duong for advice and answers.
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