Uses and meanings of feng shui quartz stone balls

Since ancient times, kings and aristocrats have known to use quartz stone balls to attract fortune and pray for luck. In feng shui, it is an item that represents the authority and power of the owner. To this day, quartz stone balls are gradually becoming popular in the feng shui world and they have great meanings that you should not miss in the article below!
What is a quartz stone ball?
Quartz stone ball is an item made entirely from nature and is carved and honed by artisans into a circle of different sizes, large and small. Accordingly, the round shape of the quartz ball represents the earth - heaven and is also the principle element representing the earth element. Owning this item will receive positive energy and have a lot of luck in life.
The round shape of the ball symbolizes earth - heaven and brings good luck
The round shape of the ball symbolizes earth - heaven and brings good luck
Uses and meanings of feng shui quartz stone balls
Besides using quartz stone ball to make decorative items, this feng shui item also has the following uses and meanings:
1. Uses of feng shui quartz stone ball
Feng shui experts believe that owning a feng shui quartz stone ball will bring many positive things to health, specifically:
Thanks to the positive energy of the quartz stone ball, when acting on the nervous system, the owner will notice that the spirit becomes relaxed, comfortable and happy. All stress, fatigue, anxiety seem to gradually disappear.
Quartz stone ball also helps reduce problems related to neurological diseases, headaches, depression, ... regular use will help gradually reduce those symptoms.
Those who often suffer from insomnia or have trouble sleeping, this feng shui item will help the user get a deep and complete sleep.
Quartz stone ball is also beneficial for people with gastrointestinal diseases, supporting improving digestive function and enhancing the body”s ability to absorb nutrients, helping patients eat more appetizing.
This feng shui item also supports strengthening the function of the cardiovascular system, helping to shorten the healing process and take place smoothly.
Quartz stone balls are also beneficial for the elderly and children with unstable joints. Helps increase bone strength and body flexibility. Thereby, limiting weak or fragile bones.
Especially for a toxic environment, quartz stone also helps to strengthen the immune system. Besides, when placing the quartz stone ball on the desk, it will help reduce the computer”s radiation rays that adversely affect the skin and help reduce eye fatigue.
2. The meaning of feng shui quartz stone ball
In addition to the great health effects, the feng shui quartz stone ball also has meanings such as:
Thanks to the strong positive energy, the quartz crystal ball helps to dispel bad energies and absorb positive energy. From there, attract luck and fortune to the owner.
Using a quartz stone ball also helps to clear the mind, mentally sharper and more lucid. As a result, users become confident to solve any problem and easily overcome life”s challenges.
Helps to connect and improve relationships such as husband and wife, friends, colleagues,... Strengthening relationships becomes better and expanding diplomatic relationships that are beneficial to work and life.
For those who work in the field of art, owning a quartz stone ball will help stimulate creativity, imagination becomes rich and wonderful.
For those who do business or open their own company, when placing a quartz stone on the desk, it will help the work to be smooth and successful.
The energy radiated in the sphere will motivate the user to focus more on learning, helping to open up the learning path.
In feng shui, when carrying a quartz stone ball with you, it also helps the client ward off evil spirits, bringing a sense of peace of mind to themselves and their family members.
Quartz crystal ball helps to dispel bad energies and absorb positive energy
Quartz stone ball helps to absorb positive energy
Guide to choosing a quartz stone ball according to feng shui
To maximize the use of quartz stone balls, users need to be very careful when choosing. Because the wrong choice will affect the health - work - emotions for the owner. Therefore, House on stilts will guide you on how to choose a feng shui quartz stone ball according to your destiny:
Those belonging to the Kim par will be very suitable for spheres with gray, gray, and yellow cotton colors. These quartz stone balls will bring peace and luck to life. The work is convenient and expanding.
For those of the Wood element, the spheres with black, blue and green colors will be the right choice. Because these spheres will help the client”s work such as expanding relationships or bringing valuable contracts to the company.
People belonging to the Water sign should choose balls with white, gray, gray, and blue colors. Because these colored spheres will help people with the Water sign have good health, clear mind, and clear wisdom, thereby helping to quickly and smoothly solve all situations in life.
Orbs with pink, red or purple colors will be extremely suitable for people of the Fire par.
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