Dissolve the bad direction of the house with quartz stone pillars

Feng shui experts point out that, in order to avoid encountering bad luck or bad luck, the first thing when building a house is to choose a good direction. Because if you choose the wrong direction of the house, it will cause the homeowner to lose money and affect his health. Therefore, if you have chosen to have a bad house direction, let”s learn about how to neutralize the bad house direction with quartz stone pillars right here.

Post date: 17-12-2021

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In which case should quartz stone be used for reassurance?
Many families who are not knowledgeable about feng shui knowledge are easy to make mistakes in choosing the wrong direction of the house, which causes many families to encounter unfortunate things. If you have "accidentally" chosen the wrong direction of the house or are about to build a house, avoid the following "bad" locations:
Houses in a place with low qi: Houses located in a place with high qi will help attract money, protect health and work more and more open, easy to reach the top. On the contrary, if the house is located in a place with low qi, it will make the owner and relatives very susceptible to diseases and decline in fortune.
The direction of death house: This is the worst direction of the eight directions, roughly understood as two houses built opposite each other. Specifically, the main doors of the two houses project directly into each other and can clearly see the main door of the other house. Unfortunately, building a house in the direction of death will make the owner”s career and reputation many ups and downs, health decline, marital love goes down, easy to crack.
Straight line to the house: If the house has a door that is opposite the straight road, it will be considered to bring killing intent to the house, this strong gas will destroy the surrounding atmosphere of the house and cause damage to the house. breaking the gas accumulation of the house, making the homeowner susceptible to market and disease.
The direction of the house is not suitable for age and destiny: If the house is not built in accordance with the age and destiny, it will very easily cause the family to encounter many bad things, causing a lot of controversy, discord and property destruction.
Land of evil and death: For the land where the evil spirits live, if not taken care of soon, it will make the family vulnerable to harassment or encounter bad luck.
A house located at a crossroads: Many people believe that a house located at a crossroads will bring many good things, but for those who have a bowl suitable for the crossroads, they will have success in their work. eat and trade. On the contrary, if the owner”s destiny is not suitable for that land, it will cause them many uncertainties in terms of fortune and health.
In front of the house, there are big trees, large concrete poles, electric poles: The house is obstructed by electric poles, big trees, and concrete poles that will cause the positive air flow to go to many other places without going into the house. A house with such a structure makes the people living in the house easy to feel sad and lonely
Use a quartz stone pillar to neutralize the bad direction of the house
Changing the direction of the house will cause many difficulties and take a lot of time. Therefore, many people have sought to neutralize the bad house direction by placing quartz stone pillars for the following purposes:
Crafted from natural quartz stone, containing a lot of positive energy, quartz stone pillars will help to strengthen the house”s luck to protect the prosperity of the owner.
Choosing a quartz stone pillar suitable for age and destiny will help support homeowners in all aspects of life. Specifically, people destined for Kim should choose white and yellow quartz stone pillars; People with par Moc are very suitable for stone pillars with black, green and blue colors. The gray white, black and blue colors are suitable for Thuy par; Fire people will suit red, purple, and pink colors. With orange, red, and pink colors will be the remaining choices for people with the Earth destiny.
After buying a quartz stone pillar, what you need to do is bring it home and consult a feng shui master to advise where to place the quartz stone pillar accordingly. For the most part, quartz stone pillars will often be placed right in front of the house gate to help protect the owner, prevent murderous and negative gas from entering the house. In addition, quartz stone pillars can also be placed in the living room to spread the source of yang energy, reduce unclean air and reduce the accumulation of bad gas. From there, it helps to increase prosperity, fortune and the space in the house is also more comfortable and pleasant.
In addition to the ability to calm feng shui, quartz stone pillars also help limit conditions, stress, and fatigue. The mind also becomes clear and has many breakthrough and creative ideas, which significantly increases work efficiency. Moreover, quartz stone pillars also bring many great benefits to health, reducing electromagnetic waves emitted by technological devices as well as improving the digestive system, helping people to have good health. and healthy.
Above are the basic information about "resolving the direction of the house with quartz stone pillars" that you can refer to. If readers want to know more details about quartz stone pillar products, please contact the stone warehouse of Nha stilts in the Central Highlands of Binh Duong for advice and purchase support quickly and thoughtfully.
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