Meaning of Rose Quartz and White Quartz

Quartz stone is a feng shui stone appeared thousands of years ago, hidden deep in the ground. Inheriting the strong energy from the natural mother gift. So they have the ability to bring wealth and peace, luck - this is also the reason why quartz stone so popular.
There are two types of stones that are most commonly used: Pink Quartz and White Quartz.
Due to the special geological structure, Quartz stone attracts extremely positive energy, so it hides a strong energy source, brings good luck in work, fights evil, and prosperity for homeowners. But each stone color will have its own uses and meanings.
So what are the uses and significance of the Rose Quartz and White Quartz?
1) Rose quartz:
Rose Quartz is one of the world”s most beloved quartz variations. Rose quartz is a stone symbolizing love and happiness, it brings in itself a gentle, soothing beauty, captivating many viewers.
Hong Feng Shui Quartz Stone Head
Hong Feng Shui Quartz Stone Head
►The use of rose quartz:
- A symbol of intense and passionate love, often used for the couple”s bed to avoid possible discord, enhance confidence and creativity, and help sleep well. daydreaming, helps recover memory.
- Strengthen health for users and ward off evil spirits.
- Rose quartz also works with diseases of the nervous system and cardiovascular system, fighting against stress, quelling anger.
- In business stores, if placed Quartz Rose Quartz will help increase sales charm for employees, creating excitement and special attention to customers.
Pink Quartz Stone Ball
Pink Quartz Stone Ball
2. White quartz stone:
White quartz has long been known as a rare gem that purifies bad energy, attracts positive energy and ward off evil. White quartz stone brings owners health, intelligence and mental clarity.
Gray White Quartz Head
► Uses and Meaning of white quartz.
- A stone of the universe, providing pure and powerful energy.
- White hyacinth helps stimulate the brain, develop thinking.
- Put white quartz stone when meditating to help concentrate, pure mind, ...
- Stimulating the immune system to help treat brain-related diseases such as migraine, dizziness
- Support the circulatory process to reduce fatigue and stress.
Above is the use and meaning of pink quartz and white quartz. Hope this article will be helpful for everyone.
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