What is the white quartz stone ball for?

White quartz balls with good effect on human mind and body can help purify the radiation and magnetic field sound in the body. Often placed around computers, televisions, desks ... help reduce radiation, protect the human body against disease.

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1. White Quartz Stone Ball

♦ White quartz is a symbol of noble love, for purity and innocence.
♦ Quartz stone ball is a feng shui item made from natural quartz stone. Therefore, it also carries the wonderful functions of this gemstone. The ability to enhance the vitality of the house, calm the earth and drive away evil spirits, help the family always be warm. Prevent harmful effects by radiation rays, electronic waves...
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White Quartz Stone Ball

2. Uses of Quartz Stone Ball

♦ Depending on different purposes, you should know how to use it flexibly, you can use quartz stone balls to activate good energy and neutralize killing intent, choose different positions to place the ball to bring best effect.
♦ People who are studying, working people put quartz balls on the table to open their minds and improve learning results.
♦ Commuters can often rub marbles with their palms to create positive ions to help reduce stress and increase memory while working.
♦ For businesses and entrepreneurs, place quartz bridges at the cashier counter/accounting room to attract fortune, trade in expensive clothing.
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What is the use of White Quartz Stone Bridge?

♦ Has the effect of regulating the air flow.
♦ Placing a white quartz ball at the desk brings acumen, expands many relationships and respects and authority of a leader.
♦ Especially for successful entrepreneurs, they help the business always be favorable, prosperous and prosperous.
♦ Put the quartz stone ball on the desk to help children focus on learning, eager to learn, memorize the lesson, remember it, and get good results in exams.
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Quartz Stone Balls


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Feng Shui Quartz Stone Gifts

3. 12-sided white quartz ball:
+ The 12-sided feng shui white quartz stone ball is currently being consulted by experts as well as feng shui masters in town such as: Using a 12-sided sphere to create positive energy, eliminate rays radiation, magnetic waves, telephones, televisions, computers.
+ Place a 12-sided stone ball in the house such as: in the living room put a fruit about 8-10kg that has the effect of calming, exorcising, creating Yang energy, activating fortune for the homeowner, avoiding dangerous villains encourage.
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12 Faced White Quartz Stone Ball

+ Using a 12-sided quartz stone polygonal ball to the table of the god of fortune has the effect of attracting wealth, attracting fortune, bringing fortune and prosperity.
+ Placing a 12-sided stone bridge in the house activates fortune, good for profitable business, long-term health, family peace, good fortune.
+ The 12-sided quartz stone bridge has a special meaning with 12 edges representing the 12 zodiac animals, 12 hours of half a day, 5 star-shaped edges for the five elements of life...
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