Energy of crystal white quartz stone pillars

White quartz stone is one of the quartz stones chosen so much today because of the great uses for health, feng shui and chakras. So let”s see for those aspects, the white quartz brings any effect offline.

Post date: 20-07-2020

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► Some healing energy:
Clear white quartz is a master healing crystal, and is used to heal many ailments. White quartz is thought to improve the immune system, strengthen the flow of energy, and help the body keep balance. White Quartz is often used to treat headaches, dizziness, reduce fatigue and aid weight loss.
White Quartz removes toxins from the body, aids in treating digestive disorders, kidney infections, bladder and cures diarrhea.
White Quartz reduces pain for wounds, especially burns and skin infections.
Crystal Quartz Head
►Energy healing energy
White quartz energy helps the soul become relaxed and relieved. This crystal brings positive thoughts and emotions, helps people have a more optimistic view of life and the world around them, bringing clarity and clarity to thought as well as patience and compassion. generous.

Quartz Crystal Head

Quartz Crystal Head

►Ebalance effect:
White quartz helps chakras harmoniously combine with each other, bringing the fusion of 7 chakras to light.
White Quartz is particularly helpful in stimulating the Crown chakras. The Crown Chakras are located on the top of the head, controlling people”s thoughts and consciousness. This is also the basis of beliefs and the source of spirituality. The Crown Chakra connects people to universal energy, helping people to better understand themselves and to see things with a more positive eye.
Uses Of Quartz Crystals
Uses Of Quartz Crystals
► Spiritual energy:
Just like humans, each White Quartz stone has its own unique characteristics and characteristics, bringing different lessons and experiences. They help people develop personality, good sense. Not only that, this stone also brings positive energy to daily thoughts, emotions, actions.
As a bridge connecting the tangible and intangible worlds, White Quartz helps humans communicate with plants, animals, minerals and receive information from the invisible world. This stone always brings a pleasant and peaceful feeling when used.
Energy Of White Crystal Quartz Head

Energy Of White Crystal Quartz Head

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