Features and uses of crushed quartz stone

As a product obtained during the production of feng shui products from monolithic quartz, crushed quartz is not large enough, with a small size only about the tip of a finger, the largest is a fist. Adults.
The crushed quartz is different from other quartz products only in size, leaving the properties, values and uses of this million-year-old gemstone intact.
Crushed quartz is usually only obtained from large gemstone workshops, where professional processing and processing of gemstones, are carefully preserved and processed before being put on the market so that prices can still be guaranteed. value, quality as well as the cheapest price to consumers.
Crushed quartz stone is widely used in construction with the belief to bring luck and peace to people. We will learn more about the use of crushed quartz in the following sections.
► Characteristics and properties of crushed quartz rock:
In nature there are many types of quartz, there are many types of rough, coarse quartz rocks and the basic properties of each stone. Of course, quartz chips with smaller dimensions, difficult to process but in terms of hardness, gloss, durability and color ... are not changed.
►There are common types of rubble:
White quartz rubble with sizes (0.5x0.8; 1x2; 4x6):
Small Speckled Quartz
Small Speckled Quartz
♦ They have the effect of regulating and balancing energy sources from nature and people.
♦ White quartz shavings are often used to spread the floor in construction, to support feng shui, to overcome the inappropriate feng shui characteristics of the house or can be used to spread the foundation when building tombs, contributing. the part that brings natural, peaceful, super liberated spirit to the deceased and pray for fortune and good fortune to support those who are living.
Pink crushed quartz stone is large in size 4x6: it is often used to bury the corner of the house because if we spread the floor, we have to break the pink quartz stone, which is very complicated and time-consuming due to high hardness of quartz.
♦ Use pink crushed quartz stones scattered under the bed, help get good sleep, reduce stress.
Rough Rose Quartz 4x6
Rough Rose Quartz 4x6
Another type is polished quartz stone: for this stone there are colors corresponding to the five colors of the five metals - carpentry - water - fire - earth.
♦ Polished quartz stone with five colors: has the effect of spreading the trench town-exorcism background, improving feng shui, attracting fortune, bringing good luck to homeowners.
♦ For example, high-rise buildings, offices and enterprises can use the Scattered Quartz Stone both as a sight and to create energy. In the house, broken quartz uses strips of floors, walkways, aquarium strips, ... emitting magnetic fields to help people absorb. If a house is pointed at by the sharp corner of the opposite house, feng shui is considered to be very bad, it can be solved by placing a block of White Quartz Stone or strips of Rough Quartz around the house and yard. right at that sharp point.
Polished Rocks - Five Colors
Polished Rocks - Five Colors
♦ You can put crushed stone into bottles, glass jars placed on the desk or study desk to make the room more refreshing thanks to the color of the stone and bring good feng shui, avoid the weak bad elements affect you. Using iridescent stones strewn the aquarium looks very eye-catching.
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