Gold stone set - 100% natural stone set

Gilded Stone is considered to be a protector, drawing good energy from the Stone through the physical body and creating a defensive shield against negative energy, environmental pollutants. school.

Gilded Stone is commonly found in countries such as the United States, Spain, Germany and Sweden. In Vietnam, Vang Găm is distributed in the Central Highlands, especially in the Central Highlands and Lam Dong.

► The meaning of gold stone:
♦ The Gilded Stone comes from the Greek word "pyrite" which means fire. Because rocks can create sparks when hitting metal rods or a hard material.
♦ Gold Guck also known as Protection Stone. Because it is believed that stones will help you stay away from life-threatening threats, safely on the road, repelling negative gases. Therefore, stones are suitable for people who travel far or do dangerous work.
♦ In feng shui, Vang Găm is a symbol of luck and wealth. Therefore, many people use it as feng shui in their workspace.
Meaning Of The Gilded Stone
Meaning Of The Gilded Stone
►What is it used for in stone:
♦ Putting gold stones into a velvet bag to carry around you will help protect you from agents who have a bad intent on you.
♦ In addition to protecting users safely when going out and away, Pyrite has many important effects.
♦ If you build houses on plots that contain grave or injustice, use yellow stone to protect the soil. Because yellow stone is a stone that has a source of energy that can neutralize evil.
♦ In business, stone will support you to make a right decision for your work more smoothly and develop. Besides, it will help you overcome your fears and overcome barriers to success. From there you will have the opportunity to reach your dreams.
♦ Strong energy source of stone helps you always have a refreshing spirit, clear mind. The stone owner will become stronger and more confident in himself, thereby more enthusiastic in social relationships.
♦ Pincers are also used to make jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, ..). Gold bracelet (Pyrite) works to protect the psychology of people. Able to expel the owner ”s body from the effects of negativity. Should keep the stone bracelet pierced carefully. It should be removed during bathing or washing to avoid product damage, and also from chemicals that can cause corrosion.
Where To Buy Gold Dice
Where To Buy Gold Dice
►Where to buy gold stone?
Gold stone is a type of stone with many useful uses, so there are many shops selling this item. But if you are unfortunate enough to buy a fake gold dune product, you will not have any energy. Nha San Tay Nguyen is a shop specializing in selling natural yellow stone products - quality not to be missed.
Buying products at Nha San Tay Nguyen, you do not need to worry about the quality of the product. Because the store only sells feng shui products of 100% origin in Vietnam.
At the store, there are not only yellow stone products, but also other feng shui stone products, all products at Nha San are derived from nature - say no to poor quality goods.
Central Highlands stilt houses - Only Vietnamese stone.


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