How much does amethyst cost? How to use amethyst

Amethyst is a natural stone in precious and semi-precious stones. With the mysterious purple color symbolizing nobility and power, amethyst has attracted many people who love feng shui stones. So how much does amethyst stone cost and how to use it? Let”s find out together now!.

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What do you know about amethyst?
Amethyst has the English name Amethyst, which comes from the Greek name Amethystos which means "not drunk". In the East, amethyst is also called purple jade with the meaning of talisman used to ward off evil spirits.
Amethyst is distributed mainly in Myanmar, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina,... In Vietnam, amethyst is found in some provinces such as Gia Lai, Bao Loc and exists in the form of translucent purple with many white streak. Purple is considered a noble color of both the East and the West, many people also think that the most beautiful and noble purple color is due to the purple light emitted from the amethyst stone.
The effect of amethyst stone
Amethyst is not only a stone of aesthetic value but also brings many useful uses for the health and spirit of the person who owns them.
Increase concentration, help develop intelligence, the brain remembers easily. Therefore, amethyst is often chosen by office workers, businessmen, and students.
Those who suffer from frequent insomnia, have nightmares, if placing amethyst on the bedside table or under the bed will help calm the mind, create a feeling of tranquility, support you to have a good and relaxing sleep. than.
Supports blood circulation, helps relieve headaches, stress, fatigue. Effectively reduce blood pressure, blood vessel blockage,...
Helps reduce fever, treat or cut pain caused by rheumatism, aches and pains, reduce inflammation caused by wounds. In addition, it also has the effect of regulating blood pressure and helping to relieve drunkenness, motion sickness.
The meaning of amethyst stone in feng shui
In feng shui, amethyst stone is a stone used to calm down with the ability to release bad energy, attract good energy to the owner. Bring luck and prosperity to the person who uses them.
Since ancient times, amethyst is an item that symbolizes a clear mind, has the ability to resist evil spirits, negative energy as well as the bad effects of the environment, bringing a sense of security and peace.
Instructions on how to use amethyst stone
To be able to maximize the use of amethyst stone, you need to use it properly and according to standards. Typically as:
The ancient Greeks often used amethyst near the navel or waist to prevent drunkenness.
Putting amethyst stone under the mattress or on the study table will help enhance concentration, mental clarity, study and do homework more effectively.
Placing quartz in positions such as corporate offices, study rooms, at the end of the corridor will help attract fortune.
Placing a quartz stone on the car will help regulate the hasty, hasty temperament and bring luck on all journeys.
Amethyst stone has many diverse applications in life, thereby improving people”s health and quality of life. Above are the shares about the amethyst stones and how to use them. Hopefully, the sharing of the stilt house will help you in choosing the right amethyst stone.
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