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How to distinguish real quartz and fake quartz stone.

What is the difference between natural quartz stone and artificial quartz stone? Products made from real quartz are certain that it must be made of 100% natural quartz. And artificial quartz stone products are made from many other types (plastic, glass, crystal, ..)
Quartz stone has a number of basic colors (pink, white, gray, white, ..), can be used for quartz stone posts at home, workplaces, cashier”s place of business or used as jewelry. jewelry, decoration are okay. Because quartz stone has a strong energy source, it brings a lot of luck, peace, and fortune to people, so it is used by many people.
Knowing the psychology of Vietnamese customers who prefer to buy beautiful and cheap goods, many places sell quartz stones - or unnatural stones - of poor quality. This makes many believers play rock bewildered.
Natural Stone Testing Paper
Natural Stone Testing Paper
►What should be used to avoid buying poor quality feng shui stone? Let”s find out Tay Nha Tay Nguyen !!!
Looking outside the natural quartz stone we only see the normal colors of the stone, but when we shine white light into the stone we will see the depth emanating from within the stone. Place your hand on the stone and you will feel the positive energy of the stone passing through the body.
Artificial quartz stone is usually made from plastics or from crystal powder, glass, and these products are energy-free, even very toxic. Often these products are sold more and are cheaper than natural stones. Many cheap hams should buy unqualified stones.
Tested Natural Stone
Tested Natural Stone
►Some simple ways to distinguish
♦ The most reliable way is to take the stone to a reputable place to check - this is the best way.
♦ Distinguishing by weight: Natural stone will be more energy than artificial stone.
♦ When you put your hand on the stone, we will immediately feel cool, placing for a while will feel like having been recharged into the body. As for artificial stone will not get this feeling.
♦ Each natural stone product will have different sizes and weights. Therefore, you often see the bracelet of natural stone irregular beads, partly because it is made by hand and partly from natural stone, so it is very fragile, so it is difficult to process. As for the bracelets made from unnatural stones, on the contrary, they look very nice and uniform, and what are the same.
How to distinguish real or fake quartz
How to distinguish real or fake quartz
→ Natural stone over time is more durable and beautiful, the higher its energy, and the greater the value. The longer the fake stone is, the longer the color of stone will disappear.
Energy Feng Shui Natural Stone
Energy Feng Shui Natural Stone
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