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How To Make Quartz As Beautiful As New !!!

Any product, too, must know how to take care, preserve it to be beautiful and durable. Quartz too, I need to know how to preserve them to promote the full power. Let learn about the preservation of this feng shui stone.
Quartz stone is a stone that we are very lucky to be blessed by nature”s mother. Quartz carries a lot of positive positive energy for its users.
If quartz stone is to promote its performance, you need to know how to take care of it. So what to do to preserve quartz best? Find out together !!!
Feng Shui Quartz
Feng Shui Quartz
♦ Firstly Quartz stone is a natural stone, so it is easy to crack when exposed to high temperatures.
♦ Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun (especially on sunny days), exposure to high temperatures will cause the stone to no longer be the original color. Its energy will also be reduced.
♦ Avoid contact with cosmetics, because most cosmetics have chemicals, to contact with the stone will reduce the aesthetics of the stone, affect quality and especially energy. its.
Cleanse Energy For Stones
Cleanse Energy For Stones
♦ As for the quartz stone jewelry, they should not be worn when doing vigorous exercise, so when in contact with quartz products will scratch or even break.
♦ And it is also important to regularly clean, clean stones as well as objects made of quartz stone to keep products beautiful and energetic.
♦ Should be cleaned regularly for a stone partly to help the stone always bright - beautiful - durable.
12-sided Quartz Stone
12-sided Quartz Stone
A simple way to clean quartz stone without spending too much time: you only need to put a little natural salt in the diluted water brass for the quartz stone product to be cleaned, soak for 5-10 minutes, Then take out and dry, you will see the stone is much brighter and more beautiful.
Do not use detergents to clean the stone, as detergents can erode the stone.
Gray White Quartz Head
Gray White Quartz Head
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