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Quartz stone - semi-solid quartz stone

Quartz stone is a feng shui stone that is popular today. Because rocks are formed hundreds of millions of years from the depths of the earth, so they absorb a lot of energy and the essence of the universe. The energy emanating from the quartz stone brings good luck and prosperity to people.
Today Stilt House will introduce you to an untreated pristine quartz stone product - monolith quartz.
►What is monolithic quartz?
Monolithic quartz is a pristine stone taken from nature with its original shape. Usually the people who play rock, they choose rudimentary stones or stone pedestals to use. Monolithic quartz will have higher energy than manufactured stone products. Monolithic quartz usually has beautiful angles and colors - bringing a very natural beauty.
Placing Quartz Stone At Cashier Increases fortune
Placing Quartz Stone At Cashier Increases fortune
► Monolithic quartz is often used in:
♦ Burying a corner or placing a corner of trach town - improving feng shui.
♦ Using monolithic stone placed at the cashier to help attract resources, help the business more smoothly.
♦ Can be used to place rough quartz stone pillars on the desk to help relax the mind, improve work efficiency. Help relieve strees when tired.
♦ Rough quartz can be used next to the bed of the couple to help the couple feel closer.
♦ Monolithic quartz is also used to eliminate electromagnetic waves by placing next to electronic devices.
Rough Quartz
Rough Quartz
You like the nature and are planning to buy monolithic quartz. Come to us - Nha San Tay Nguyen, you will admire the monolithic quartz stones from nature (big and small size), you will easily choose for yourself the product you like.
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