Scientific explanation explaining the bridge tunnel causing toxic rays - Evil. How to reduce?

Post date: 03-12-2020

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Nha San Tay Nguyen would like to welcome you
- Everyone knows that the bridge in the feng shui house is very bad, many teachers many people say, but few people explain why?
- How to explain according to science? and how to follow feng shui? .- Please watch this video for more information.
- Since ancient times, the royal palace, the luxury villas like the eastern countries, India, China, Vietnam, though very large, but few people built toilets or bridges in the house.
- Currently, due to the land fund, many townhouses, bridge tunnels are built indoors.
According to some experts, feng shui is not good.
Quartz Stone Scattered Bridge Tunnel

Quartz Stone Scattered Bridge Tunnel

- According to some scientists also proved: The gas hole built in the house will cause harmful rays to people in that house.
- These toxic rays cause fatigue, lack of enthusiasm, ease of illness and disease. ”
- The spirit of restlessness, worry and sadness makes uncommon work develop.
- If the rays are too strong, it will cause cancer.
Small Shredded Quartz Stone Spread Demolition Ray Bridge Tunnel
Small Shredded Quartz Stone Spread Demolition Ray Bridge Tunnel
Shredded Quartz Stone Size 1x2 Covered Bridge Tunnel
Shredded Quartz Stone Size 1x2 Covered Bridge Tunnel
- There are many people who are living in a normal place when moving to another house get sick, not only one person but many people suffer together.
According to Russian researchers, the toxic rays are born as follows:
+ The tunnels are similar to tunnels, cavities, and spaces. When the rays penetrating from the ground up meet the ground space that is refracted and deflected, when meeting the cosmic rays shining down, they meet at a different angle unlike the normal intersection point of alpha, when deflected to beta called is the poison ray.
Quartz Stone Rose

Quartz Stone Rose

* So how to remove these toxic rays?
- To remove this poison ray according to the number of experts, they use crumbling quartz stone spread on the surface of the bridge tunnel.
- This quartz stone layer will absorb the harmful rays of bata rays that do not harm people, trees living in that house.
That is the way scientists like, and this way of detoxifying rays is Nha San brothers.
If any feng-shui experts, which homeowners have a way to eliminate toxic rays or radiation, please share with the House brothers
The floor, Nha San brothers have knowledge to share back to you.
Polished Shredded Quartz Stone Spreading Bridge Tunnel
Polished Shredded Quartz Stone Spreading Bridge Tunnel
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