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Quartz Stone Dak Lak is a natural stone with very strong yin-yang because this rock has gone through millions of years of formation, Quartz Stone can absorb extremely strong positive air, bringing luck in life and work. against the influence of bad energy.

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Dak Lak Quartz also helps to deodorize, disinfect indoor gas, improve the relationship of husband and wife, and avoid evil.
Nha San Tay Nguyen specializes in supplying Quartz Stone in Dak Lak with many diverse models.
Follow the article below to know some of the quartz stone products and its useful uses:
1.White quartz stone
White quartz has long been known as a rare gem that is used to purify bad energies, attract positive energy and dispel evil qi. White quartz stone gives owners health, mentality, mental clarity as well as helping to treat many diseases.
White Quartz is a stone symbolizing purity, clarity, bringing positive energy to the owner. White quartz stone has miraculous energy in healing and protection since ancient times, bringing a lot of luck to its users.
White Quartz Stone Pillar At The Tay Nguyen Stilt House
White Quartz Stone Pillar At The Tay Nguyen Stilt House
2) Rose quartz stone
Pink quartz stone has a delicate, light and soft pink color, usually from very light pink colorless to dark pink or slightly dark (like amethyst). Pink also represents gentle, poetic and sometimes unrealistic things, and belief in life always having good things happens.
Quartz Stone 12 Faced Vietnamese Feng Shui
Quartz Stone 12 Faced Vietnamese Feng Shui
In married and family life, they help increase cohesion and happiness, limit conflicts, and create good sleep.
The weight of rose quartz brings creativity, brings relaxation, helps people with stressful work.
At work, rose quartz helps to connect relationships, creating friendliness, trust and sustainability.
Hexagonal Stone Pillar of Hong Dak Lak
Hexagonal Stone Pillar of Hong Dak Lak
3.Golden quartz stone
Quartz Stone Gold The perfect combination between gold and Quartz is now and is a meaningful gift for those who are connoisseurs of stone. The product not only has a lasting beauty but also has great feng-shui values.
As a member of the Quartz family, Golden Quartz is seen as a symbol of the sun, faith and prosperity. It is one of the rare, shiny and pure gems. Therefore, when crafting a jewelry bar, this product line not only enhances the beauty of the wearer, but it is also a lucky charm to help attract success and prosperity.
Crystal Pillar Of Yellow Cotton Quartz Stone
Crystal Pillar Of Yellow Cotton Quartz Stone
Some types of crushed quartz stone in Dak Lak in Nha San Tay Nguyen:
The shredded quartz stone is used by Feng Shui teachers to cultivate and improve feng shui to create positive positive gas, to recharge the natural gas of heaven & earth, to eliminate bad radiation rays from the ground to affect directly. people live in that house.
Quartz Stone Feng Shui Size 0.3x0.5 Small
Quartz Stone Feng Shui Size 0.3x0.5 Small
♦ Shredded Quartz Stone has the following effects:
Spread the floor (town trach), eliminate evil rays, eliminate evil, create positive energy.
Attracting good energy, bringing luck in life and work.
Makes indoor temperature low, house is VERY COOL.
Generating resources, improving feng shui.
White Quartz Stone Size 1x2
White Quartz Stone Size 1x2
The house is not directed, "reformed - turned sand".
Sleep paralysis.
Peaceful family - Successful fortune.
Accumulating wealth, wealth, town trach, exorcism, both prosperity and development.
Good Feng Shui - Money is accumulated ...
Feng Shui Marble Flakes
Feng Shui Marble Flakes

Receive goods within 6 hours.
Be exchanged for 15 days.
Address warehouse17 DT743B Street, Dong Tan Quarter, Di An Ward, Di An City, Binh Duong.

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