Specialist Store for selling Feng Shui Stone in Ca Mau

Nha San is a shop specializing in selling Phong Thuy Stone in Ca Mau. Feng Shui stone has many different types, Feng Shui Stone has many mysteries and extremely complex formation. Located deep in the ground, experiencing hundreds of millions of years of formation - carrying in itself an extremely powerful energy line. And now we are looking for and creating extremely eye-catching products.
- Stone Feng Shui not only has 1 but many different types, they are diverse in color and their age is also very different. Due to being formed deep in the ground, Feng Shui Stone has the ability to attract or compensate for human energy, which is considered as the energy exchange between two different objects: inorganic and organic, stone and people.
- Stone Feng Shui from the past to now has been used by many people to heal, they have the ability to draw energy from human thoughts and increase energy for human body. Carrying Feng Shui Stone with you to help protect people from harm, increase telepathy, ...
Small Round Globe Of Quartz Stone

Small Round Globe Of Quartz Stone

1. Quartz Feng Shui Stone
- Quartz rock was formed millions of years ago from the volcanic eruption. Carrying a source of extremely powerful positive energy that can recharge the Air - Tu Tai. This is a very meaningful and luxurious feng shui gift to give to partners, customers, boss, ...
Quartz Stone At Tay Nguyen Stilt House
Quartz Stone At Tay Nguyen Stilt House
Quartz Stone is the most commonly used Feng Shui Stone, with many eye-catching colors: Blue - Black - Purple - Pink - Yellow - White, ... Quartz Stone has a positive effect on the nervous system. The central government reduces stress, fatigue, creates light and helps people be mentally stable.
♦ Especially Quartz Stone can prevent magnetic fields, toxic gas streams in hazardous places, for example: hospitals, funeral homes, ...
Quartz Hong Feng Shui Toadstool

Quartz Hong Feng Shui Toadstool

2. Stone Brain Feng Shui
- It is a symbol of health, prosperity and longevity, making the owner easier to communicate, knows how to speak and protects the owner against the evil enemy. Stone Brain Stone has the ability to treat long-term cough and a number of other diseases in the throat.
Stone Brain Feng Shui
Stone Brain Feng Shui
- Reduces seizures, protects the owner against a number of infections and diseases in the stomach. In addition, using Brain Stone helps men become more attractive in the eyes of women.
3. Stone Caxedon Feng Shui
- Natural Caxedon has many different types, many different colors. The most popular are: white to gray, gray to blue and brown to black. Able to free the owner from the rage - sorrow and pacify the human psychology.
Stone Caxedon Feng Shui
Stone Caxedon Feng Shui
- Caxedon stone is considered as "Rock of Joy" to help dispel sadness and worry in life, creating an excited and happy mood. Bring luck - peace - joy in life.
4. Wood Feng shui
- Hoa Thach Wood is also known as Hoa Da Wood. This is the hidden trunk of the trees buried in lava, the solution seeps into the fibers of the tree, making the tree as hard as stone and after millions of years it turns into stone.
- Hoa Thach Wood has a hardness equivalent to that of Ma Tinh and Caxedon Stone, which helps to nourish the body, creating flexibility and health. Unleash its potential and help its pursuer to be confident and steadfast. Prevents a number of diseases such as arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, improves kidney disease and helps eliminate fear of no reason.
⇒Na San we specialize in providing Feng Shui Stone in Ca Mau, if you come to Nha San you will be consulted with a lot of feng shui stones and many different models. So why don”t you come to the store to see more types of feng shui items ????
Rough Hoa Thach Wood
Rough Hoa Thach Wood
Receive goods within 6 hours.
Be exchanged for 15 days.
Address warehouse17 DT743B Street, Dong Tan Quarter, Di An Ward, Di An City, Binh Duong.

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