Quartz smoky beauty, pure and quintessential from mother earth. Smoky quartz rocks carry crystals like smoke, the color is clear as the water in the night, shimmering fanciful. The smoky gray quartz line is used by many seekers for its wonderful effect on the mysterious beauty hidden from the inner world of stone to help people harmonize and absorb new positive energy.

►White quartz stone - What does smoky quartz (gray smoke) mean to humans?
Smoky quartz stones are bestowed with large amounts of magnetic energy. Transforming your negative energy with power and stability helps calm your thoughts and bring you back to equilibrium. Quartz smoky beauty beauty, pure and pure. Smoky quartz is the secret of enlightenment. Activate the underlying source of energy within the human body.
Smoke quartz
Smoke quartz
►The use of smoke quartz for curving people in feng shui:
- Smoky quartz is like a powerful magnet that absorbs negative energy and converts the energy deep within you.
- Helps reduce mental spirits, dispel depression in the mind, bringing you to the truth of peace of life.
- Having a smoke quartz helps neutralize comments from around.
- Bring clearer, more positive thinking, improve creativity and problem solving thinking.
- Possessing smoky quartz in you, it helps you reduce panic, your worries with pure cleansing energy.
Smoky quartz crystal pillars
Smoky quartz crystal pillars
- Quartz smoke reduces the electromagnetic waves of electronic devices, if you often have to sit on the computer for too long, your eyes will feel dimmer over time. That problem will be solved by the ability to dissipate online energy generated from electronic devices.
- Sitting on the computer for a long time, you can apply smoky quartz (gray) to the eyes and feel the wonderful, comfortable that it brings. Your eyes will be protected better than ever.
- Smoke gray quartz is a special support, significantly helping you to quit smoking, reducing the urge from tobacco. Making your smoking cessation process will take place faster than it looks.
Smoky quartz
Smoky quartz
►Smooth quartz stones used to play Audio- Audio
Audio players always want the audio output is always pure, standard only. The frequency of sound waves of amplifiers is limited to perfectly perfect the noise. So they always explore the methods to get the best sound quality.
In order for the audio frequencies to be amplified best, audio players often need the support of quartz stones, such as white, pink quartz, gray quartz, natural smoky quartz, natural Black Tourmaline. However ... These are extremely energetic rocks with excellent anti-jamming and protecting the integrity of sound waves.
Currently Audio players use rough quartz stone, polished quartz block form square, rectangular as a base, shelves for audio instruments. If you are in need of a suitable stone to place in the desired position in the sound room, please contact for assistance and processing on request.
Smoky quartz
Smoky quartz
Prestige, quality natural smoke quartz stone shop:
- is a reputable selling point of natural stone in Vietnam. Useful from the unexpected effects if you find to buy the natural quartz smoke 100% positive positive energy, your health will gradually improve by the strong magnetic energy from the stone. Large, good metabolism, stimulating high positive energy.
Black smoke quartz stone
Black smoke quartz stone


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