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The types of crushed quartz stone used today

Quartz stone is a rock formed from deep within the earth hundreds of millions of years, so they are absorbed powerful sources of energy from nature and the universe. These energies have a direct impact on people and things around them.

The most used stone is crushed quartz. Because crushed quartz stone is much cheaper than the finished quartz rocks. But its energy is not diminished.

Uses Of Shredded Quartz Stone

Uses Of Shredded Quartz Stone

♦ Rough Quartz has the following effects:
Scatter the floor (town trach), eliminate evil rays, exorcise, create positive energy.
Attract good energy, bring luck in life and work.
Making indoor temperatures low, the house IS VERY COOL.
Gas born, improve feng shui.
The house is not directed, "cabbage - sand".
Phenomenon shadow overlay.
Peaceful family - Fortune fortune agreed.
Tich wealth, rich wealth, town Trach, exorcism, has just prospered.
Good feng shui - The wealth of money is accumulated ...
The most popular rubble types today.
Sale Wholesale Quartz Stones
Sale Wholesale Quartz Stones
♦ Small size quartz stone 0.5x0.8.
Used in spreading the foundations, the foundation of the town will have a cool effect, improve feng shui. Also used in spreading bonsai pots to help plants grow well, decorate aquarium. The price of stone size 0.5x0.8 only from 18,000 VND / kg.
♦ Quartz stone size 1x2: This type of crushed stone is priced from 18,000 VND / kg (depending on the number of products).
White crushed quartz stone size 4x6 (large size, small size): this stone is cheaper than the two types of rock, its price is only 13,000 VND / kg.
Rough Pink Rough Quartz
Rough Pink Rough Quartz
♦ Rough ruby ​​quartz: with this kind of rough rubble can be used to spread the foundation of the house - creating solid, rough, used to set the corner of the house (if your house has been completed) to help improve feng shui , buds fortune if placed corner buds fortune. Also works to reduce the amount of magnetic waves emitted from TVs, laptops and other electronic devices. Price only from 25,000 VND / kg depending on the quantity and quality of products.
♦ Polished crushed quartz stone: the most expensive of all types of quartz scrap. Polished iridescent stones have positive positive energy dispersed well for the surrounding environment, due to the natural energy generated from the ground creating a positive airflow that brings luck, fortune, health and happiness. happiness, longevity, exorcism, accumulated financial resources for the family.
Shining Polished Stone
Shining Polished Stone


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