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What are the symbols of Linga and Yoni? What is Traditional Belief? Please see Linga-Yoni of Quartz Stone

What do the ancient Linga and Yoni symbols mean? What is prosperity? Origin where?. You are invited to experience Linga and Yoni with quartz stone right at Nha San Tay Nguyen



- In front of your eyes are Linga and Yoni sets made from Quartz Stone crafted by Nha San brothers in size and shape similar to the ancient human liga.

1. What is Traditional beliefs?

- In the primitive time, mankind was afraid of the power of nature, the mystery of the vast universe, so Religions and Beliefs have appeared since then.
Faith is a special kind of perception based on intuition, giving people a spiritual mystical belief.
- That belief that man has created the invisible supernatural world and it is the gods, these supernatural beings who can dominate and affect the mundane life in human opinion and consciousness.

- Interpretation of traditional beliefs:

+ Belief is belief;
+ Prosperity is many;
+ Really bloomed;
+ Thus, the belief in REAL ESTATE is a belief in this that expands many things.

2. What are the symbols of Linga and Yoni?

Linga is a penis, yoni is a originally worshiped clitoris that gradually turned into religion.
Symbol of Linga-Yoni
Symbol of Linga-Yoni
• What is the Linga symbol?
- According to Indian legend, god Shiva appeared with a penis shaped fire pillar showing the yang character of god.
- Linga stands for:
+ Reproductive.
+ Yin and Yang harmony.
+ Creative capacity.
• What is the Yoni Symbol?
Yoni demonstrates yin-yang property, is a real-life representative of the goddess Shakti in India
- Is a symbol of divine feminine reproductive energy.
- According to the Sanskrit literal meaning, Yoni means the vagina, vulva, uterus, the source of all sources of life.
- So linga and yoni are the two-sided manifestations of the yin and yang universe showing the human existence, the source of all creation.

3. Where is the origin of Linga and Yoni found?.

- In Vietnam, Linga and Yoni were found Cat Tien Lam Dong conservation area. In Quang Nam, Linga and Yoni were found in My Son territory, 70km from Da Nang city.
- Champa is deeply influenced by the absorption of Hindu culture, Linga and Yoni are cultural expressions of the Cham people.
- In India people who found the Indus belong to the Dravidan-Sunmerian race.
- At Nha San in the Central Highlands, artisans have made carvings machined from the iconic Linga and Yoni quartz stones to preserve and commemorate the culture of the primitive people.

4. What is the shape size of Linga and Yoni?.

- Liga is divided into 3 basic categories.
- Type 1: type only one block with 4 edges.
- Type 2: type with 2 blocks: The upper part has a cylindrical shape, the lower part is an octagonal block or a square block.
- Type 3: the type has 3 blocks, the bottom part is square, the middle part has an octagon shape, the top part has a circular cylinder
In summary, Liga is divided into three parts, and is explained practically as: creation - things are born, preserved - things are, destroyed - things are transformed into new ones.
- Linga and Yoni at Cat Tien Lam Dong relic has the largest size in Southeast Asia. With a height of 2.1m and divided into 3 parts: The lower part has a square 0.68m, the upper part is octagonal, the top part has a polished round head cylinder.
- The support for Liga is Yoni square size, each side is 2.26m thick, 0.24m thick. One side of Yoni is a protruding bill of 0.7m long. The upper part of the yoni is concave and surrounded by a rim.
* At Tay Nguyen Nha San, you make Linga-Yoni made of natural Quartz Stone.
- The Liga of Nha San Tay Nguyen has size
 + Height 70cm; 38cm cylindrical part, 32cm high base
 + Weight 64kg
 + Material made of natural quartz stone in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
- Set of Liga and Yoni sizes:
 + Width 70 cm.
 + Length 84 cm.
 + 16cm thick
 + Length of beak: 28 cm.
 + Height of Yoni 30 cm
 + Weight 260cm
+ Material made of natural quartz stone in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

5. What is the bathing ritual for Linga and Yoni? What do Nha San Tay Nguyen brothers do with liga and Yoni.

- During the Ka Te festival of the Central people bathing for Liga and Yoni, they water the liga. Water flowed on Yoni”s face into the cork and spouted out.
- They think that when drinking this sacred water, children will be full of luck.
- At Nha San in the Central Highlands, people often water it. The water flows out, so they cook it to drink. Or take that water to water the plants very well.

6. You want to make Linga and Yoni according to your liking and hobby?

Receive goods within 6 hours.
Be exchanged for 15 days.
Address warehouse17 DT743B Street, Dong Tan Quarter, Di An Ward, Di An City, Binh Duong.

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