What destiny rose quartz stone and how to preserve

According to feng shui, each color of each feng shui item will have a great influence on the life of the owner. Therefore, choosing to buy feng shui stones also needs to see if they are suitable for the destiny. To learn more about the product, let”s find out the article below with Nha Stilt Tay Nguyen!
Which destiny rose quartz stone?
Each par will correspond to a specific color such as:
The white color in the Kim element corresponds to white quartz, tiger”s eye, and yellow-brown stones
The green color in Jupiter corresponds to green stones such as peridot, green calcite
Black color in Water element corresponds to black, white, golden quartz stone, ...
The red color in the Fire element corresponds to rose quartz, green, and red.
Yellow in Earth will correspond to pink, yellow and red quartz stones.
In feng shui, the five elements are mutually compatible, the pink color of rose quartz belongs to the Fire element, so it will greatly support those of the Fire and Earth par.
Who should not use rose quartz?
According to the theory of the five elements of mutual birth - incompatibility, the following people should not use rose quartz:
People belonging to the par Kim: According to the five elements, Fire engraves Kim, using rose quartz will cause the client to encounter bad things and affect health. Therefore, you should avoid buying items made from rose quartz
People of the Moc par: Those who carry the Moc par should also not use this rose quartz stone because Moc generates Fire. This will affect career, fortune and life.
How to preserve rose quartz stone you should know
Any feng shui item purchased should be carefully preserved. For rose quartz, you need to preserve the stone so that the stone can effectively disperse energy and use. Here are some ways to preserve ice that you can refer to:
You can soak the rose quartz stone in a bowl of water mixed with a little salt and then soak it for 24 hours
You can also charge the stone energy by placing the rose quartz stone on the ground under the light morning sun from about 8 to 10 am.
Thus, color is a very important factor in choosing jewelry and products from Rose Quartz. Choose a feng shui stone with the right color for your destiny to get the desired effect. If you have any further questions, please contact us, we will advise and answer for you.
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