What is a stone? Uses and meanings of iridescent stones like?

Five-color stone is a product that is being used by a lot of people, not only about the beauty of the stone but also has a lot of special meanings because the five-color stone symbolizes the five elements of Tuong Sinh Kim-Moc-Thuy- Fire-Earth represents Yin-Yang heaven & earth.

► Meaning of iridescent (multicolored stone):
For feng shui, there are two things, good and bad, that matter. If you want to improve your destiny, you can rely on the help of feng shui products. But depending on your purpose, the new option is most accurate. You should also note that using too little or too much is not good, lying in the right amount is the most reasonable.
Polished iridescent stone is a collection of five types of quartz, with five colors completely different, but must symbolize the five elements of feng shui (metal-carpentry-water-fire-earth).
Uses Of Multicolored Stone
Uses Of Multicolored Stone
► Uses of iridescent stone:
This type of gem is used not much by the sparkle, eye-catching from its color. They are favored by 5 colors corresponding to the five colors in feng shui.
People often use Five-color Quartz Stone to spread the floor, the tomb, placed in the house or in the office. In addition, the rubble is also used to manipulate energy such as bracelets, or necklaces, .. The greatest effect of this stone is to repel bad things, bring strength, luck. good for the owner or fortune, prosperity for the works, the land of feng shui.
When you place a small glass jar containing crushed quartz stone at the corner of your desk, your work will be more lucky and convenient.
Use a small five-color stone to put in incense sticks (spread on the bottom of the incense bowl and then put the ash on the top to make it easier to stick the incense).
Five Colors Feng Shui Stone
Five Colors Feng Shui Stone


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